Feb.11, 2014

Look out standard eyewear, 3D printed glasses have a new source for lenses. The Eyewear Kit, based in The Netherlands makes lenses for 3D printed glasses frames. The lenses can turn 3D printed frames into functional, fun, and fashionable glasses that match the needs and tastes of wearers.

The Eyewear Kit sells and ships sets of lenses that can turn 3D printed frames into full-out, functional glasses. All you have to do is snap the lenses into the 3D printed frames, and the customized glasses are ready for action.

The company describes their lenses as coming from the best industrial suppliers. Clear lenses are around 2mm think, but it's possible to order reading and prescription lenses which are thicker based on the correction strength.

All the lenses conform to international standards and offer UV protection, but for especially sunny days, there are Polarized lenses in three sun colors and Transition lenses that change color with the level of UV rays. This is a handy feature for active indoor/outdoor wearers.

Eyewear Kit lenses are functional, but they can also be fun. There are traditional-shaped lenses available, but there are also alternatives like square, oblong, or aviator to give 3D frame makers and wearers many creative options.

For people looking take fun to another level, it's possible to spice up 3D frames with seven different colored lenses. So you can look at life through the lens color of your choice – just take them off when accurate vision is required. These guys are for decorative purposes only.

For frame designers and makers interested in checking frame bevel and lens fit with their 3D printed frames, Eyewear Kit offers a test kit for 79 euros, including a set of thick prescription lenses, a set of sun or clear lenses, and a set of gradient lenses. Prices for the lenses range between 29 euros (21 dollars US) for clear and sun and 149 euros (108 dollars US) for polarized and include free standard shipping.

Eyewear Kit also has three frames available from Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen called Wire, Hatch, and Pince nez. With these frames you can get achieve a techy, arty, or technicolor-19th century look respectively.

For example, Hatch frames feature an intricate latticework that makes these glasses incredibly lightweight. The hinges are 3D printed directly, eliminating the need for further assembling. The frame and lenses can be purchased separately to create your own preferred combination.

A quick stop by Thingiverse, the popular CAD sharing site, shows that there are many examples of cool, customized frames being made with 3D printing. The Eyewear Kit may help 3D frame designers, makers, and wearers bring customized eyewear to new faces.


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Customized sunglasses fan wrote at 1/30/2019 10:01:09 AM:

Cool shades......Great colors :)

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