Feb.11, 2014

Could 3D printing redesign the fashion world? Innovative fashion designers are experimenting with the medium to print designs that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture. Designer Michael Schmidt took up the challenge with the creation of a 3D printed mesh gown for Dita Von Teese made of 17 individually 3D printed pieces with 3,000 articulated joints, and over 13,000 Swarovski crystals.

Image credit: Michael Schmidt

Schmidt explains the unique construction of the dress: "The fluidity of the joints is all 3D-printed, layer upon layer of fine powdered nylon within the preheated chamber, based on information by the CAD file. The laser 'sinters' the nylon into form, a process known as select laser sintering, or SLS. It's an articulated fabric built into the 3D print itself. It's something that's never been done. What Francis and Shapeways have achieved here is truly remarkable."

The gown took more than 400 hours to print, and hundreds of hours to make. And it costs over $100K! "I don't see this as the future of fabrication, I see this as another tool. It just allows you to create a form that you could not create in any other way." says Schmidt.

Update - Feb.13, 2014

According to Shapeways, the dress did not actually cost $100K. "It may be valued in that ballpark, but did not actually cost that much." "Unfortunately we can't share those details."

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robo wrote at 2/12/2014 12:19:31 AM:

so how much would it have been if it didnt have 13,000 crystals?

jd90 wrote at 2/11/2014 5:54:31 PM:

Ok, I guess. It's less silly than a lot of other 3D printed wearable items. This one seems like a race to see how expensive of a dress you can make.

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