Feb.25, 2014

Their mantra: "Doers. Not Talkers." In 2011 Microsoft opened the doors to the newly remodelled Garage building, a centre for after-hours innovation and experimentation for company employees.

Designed by Studio O+A, the Garage of Innovation is meant to give employees an outlet for creativity beyond the regular desks and Microsoft provides support through Garage Weeks, Science Fairs, free hosting to help employees build things they wouldn't be able to accomplish on their own. The Garage is equipped with all sorts of gadgetry from soldering benches, 3d printers, and a laser cutter to help get some of that creativity out into the real world.

Every day, the Garage is filled with people who just want to build whatever they dream up and the results are often impressive. Today Microsoft released a new video that showcased employees at the Microsoft Garage create a 3D-printed doodad that plays the Windows XP startup chime on a xylophone.

"The Garage gives Microsoft employees an outlet to explore ideas they might normally tinker with in their nights and weekends alone in their own garages", said Quinn Hawkins, community manager for The Garage. "The inspiration came from all the great companies that started in a garage".


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laird wrote at 11/21/2014 1:58:50 PM:

OMG. All that hype over some 3d printed brackets and plastic hammers that hit a (non-printed) xylophone? If they want to impress people, figure out how to print the xylophone!

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