Feb.27, 2014

For the last several months wearables start-up Meta has been developing augmented reality 3D glasses that combine the power of a laptop and smartphone in a pair of aviator-style 3D glass and a small pocket computer.

Meta today released a demo video showing the latest Meta.01 developer edition augmented reality headset in action. The company has created a gesture-controlled sculpting and 3D printing app, which will allow you to sculpt objects with your hands. The 3D shape can then be automatically rendered and "dropped" to a 3D printer to print out a physical object.

The Meta.01 developer edition has to be plugged into a computer to work, and it is also pretty geeky looking. But the consumer version of the glasses, MetaPro will be lighter and more sleek in the design.

Expected to ship from July this year, the MetaPro has 15x the display of Google Glass, and runs 3D instead of just 2D. While Google Glass allows users to access the web, their email and phone, Meta is hoping to do a lot more. "Ultimately it will allow us to get rid of physical objects like laptops and phone altogether," says Meta CEO Meron Gribetz.

The Meta Pro is priced at $3,650 and is up for sale online now. The developer edition will ship in late April or the beginning of May 2014 and its price is $667.

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