Feb.28, 2014

Now you can upgrade your google glass with your own frames using a 3d printed adapter.

Google has introduced four different varieties of frames for its Google Glass so you can make it your own. But each pair will cost $225. Plus you need to pay over $1,500 for Glass itself. Noé and Pedro Ruiz from design studio Pixil 3D have designed a 3D printed adapter that turns any frame into prescription google glasses.

The adapter is a plastic clip and can be removed from the frame with a single screw. It only takes three turn to detach the frame. All you need is a calipers, a T5 screwdriver and a 3D printer. The adapter can be printed for under 1 dollar in material.

Watch the demo video below.


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demopublican wrote at 3/1/2014 9:32:09 PM:

You also need a 3d printer... That prints better than a replicator 2/3 and prints bio friendly plastic (bpa comes to mind). That will set you back what? $5000? Just spend the 250, you already paid for a 1500 paper weight.

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