Mar.1, 2014

"Don't wait to grow up, be a tech girl now." This is Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon's new motto. At this year's 3D Printing World Expo, Mongeon met 12-year-old girl Coco who was giving a poster presentation which was titled "What I Learned by 3D Printing." Coco was given a Deezmaker 3D printer kit and put it together when she was 11.

"When I see Coco, I see a young lady with a spirit, drive, and fortitude." says Mongeon. "It is empowering." As a sculptor, writer, educator and a public speaker, Mongeon always wants to give someone hope and inspire others.

In the video below, Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon shares a lecture given to junior high girls at the 'Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Math' conference. Can girls be involved with 3D technology or electronics? "You don't have to wait to grow up to discover, and explore these things that inspire you; you can do them now. And if you do, you will have an advantage over those who wait." Mongeon told those young girls. She videotaped Coco and shared her story with them.

Image: Bridgette Mongeon spoke to a group of 12-14 year old girls at a conference called Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Math.

"Who knows if Coco and I inspired just one young girl to push herself a bit more. Maybe, by our appearance and encouragement, we gave them "permission" to be all they could be. Maybe one girl will go on to invent something important, but more importantly we may have given her the opportunity to have a more fulfilling life and purpose." writes Mongeon.

In the video below, Mongeon shares her process and talks about the many applications of 3D technology in her own art, and in the world. 12 year old Coco who put together her own printer shares also her experience in technology and her thoughts about being a tech girl.

"Technology makes me very happy. I love to know how and why things work. Since I was little, I've loved to take things apart and put them back together." writes Coco in her blog.

She hopes to inspire other girls too. "I joined a robotics club and a hackerspace so that I can learn from others in the technology community. I go to conferences and lectures so that I can be with others who share my passion for technology. I have even taught a few soldering classes to kids older than me so that they could see that if I could do it, they could, too."

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