Mar.16, 2014

If for some reason you skateboard at night in heavy traffic, this can tell you where the road is, and it might save your life, or at least give a chance to the driver to touch the break before hitting you.

In collaboration with ShredLights, A3D Labs, founded in June 2013 by Jennifer Wood, Travis Wyatt and Alex Weiss, has 3D printed some headlights for skateboards to make your trip safer. The headlights are mounted on the underside of the board, in front of the wheels. And it makes your ride extra cooler in the dark.

The headlights were 3D printed on A3D Labs' flagship 3D printer 'the Elixir3D' that features a rotating print bed and auto-calibration system. The company started building the Elixir3D in September 2013. The 3D printed was originally developed to print in the Cartesian coordinate space (the print bed moved left to right and the print head moved up and down and side to side). But seeing the possibility of increasing the quality of their printer the team changed it over to the Cylindrical coordinate system, so instead of the print bed just moving left to right, it also rotates. Then they developed a method of calibration that finds the exact center of the print bed every time to make the calibration process significantly easier.

The Elixir3D Printer is still a prototype, but it has been used in the making of various other items. "With our Elixir3D Printer we hope to help bridge the gap between dreamers and doers." says the A3D Labs team.

Watch below the first video from A3D Labs' "What Will You Print" Series, and hear what the founder of Shredlights, Drew Page has to say about how 3D printing brought his idea to life.

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