Mar.18, 2014

On March 22, 2014 3d printing store 3DiTALY will open a franchise-store in Pescara. This is the second 3DiTALY store in Italy.

3DiTALY is also the first 3d printing store in the country. The adventure of the 4-person team began in February 2013. Antonio Alliva, Carlo Mariella, Alessandro Papaleo and Giampiero Romano, four passionate makers and tinkerers, opened its first 3D printing store in Rome. They brought 3D printers to schools and have also become part of the worldwide network of 3DHubs.

Their motto is: "Do it yourself." "We are the proof that in Italy there is still spark of desire and creativity, and that a small startup like ours, despite not having the opportunity to invest large amount of capital, can do good business", said Antonio Alliva, co-founder of 3DiTALY.

The new store in Pescara will sell 3D printers and consumables, offer 3D modeling, 3D scanning and printing services as well as creating miniatures for visitors. Anyone can bring their own design to the 3DiTALY store and watch it being made in a few hours.

The initiative will highlight a series of Italian products which has become part of the maker movement worldwide, such as Stick Filament, Sharebot and Wasp 3D printer. In the store you can also find beautiful 3D design made with digital fabrication, such as eyeglass frames, bracelets, paperweights, smartphone cases and miniatures.

In collaboration with Dezign Studio Pescara, the official partner of the 3DiTALY project, the store will be equipped with furniture produced with recycled wood, cardboard or accessories created on a 3D printer, making it a totally eco-friendly environment for visitors.

The project is ambitious - its ultimate goal is to bring 3DiTALY franchise store to each city throughout the country and to build a new model of sustainable production. And these places will be the home of new projects as well as the platform for selling design and products.

The selections of the opening of new stores are still in progress. Everyone is welcome to join their new store launch party on March 22, Saturday in Pescara. Here you can find all the info about the event.

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Dan Ballard wrote at 5/5/2014 9:10:19 PM:

Would like to learn if you have plans to expand to the US and if so when? I think this is a fantastic concept and would love to be a part of it! Dan Ballard

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