Mar.19, 2014

Mr. Jacques Séguéla, the Havas Group No.2 key man and President of IEMI-Communication & New Media Expertise Cluster, has just turned 80. To celebrate the birthday of this living legend, Agency W in Paris has partnered with Ultra-lab to recreate Mr. Séguéla as a tiny realistic 3D printed miniature.

Mr. Séguéla served as Chief Communication Officer, Chief Creative Officer and Vice President at Havas. Mr. Séguéla has been Vice Chairman at Havas since July 12, 2005, and has been its Director since June 1992. He began his career as a reporter for Paris-Match and then for France-Soir. In 1969, he created RSCG, which merged with Eurocom in 1991 to create Euro RSCG Worldwide. Mr. Séguéla is the author of eighteen books on advertising and related matters and has been involved in numerous political campaigns in France and abroad. He also serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Emotion Pictures, a French film production company, and as a Director on the Board of Directors of Compagnies du Monde, a French travel agency. Mr. Séguéla holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacy.

The model was obtained using an Artec 3D scanner and then processed in the computer. It was then sent to a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer and printed in white PLA. Afterwards this 14cm tall miniature was painted with acrylic.

The 3D printed miniature was presented to Mr. Séguéla at a party last week and it was a big surprise for him and all the participants. During the event a series of 8 small figurines have also been printed and distributed to selected guests.

Gilles Déleris, the creative director of Agency W said that Jacques Séguéla had to have his own "popular statue, rooted in the modern publicity culture", obviously 3D printing is the best method to make it reality. As Jacques Séguéla was one of the inventor of the modern advertising, the miniature was named Mad Jack, cited from the American television drama series Mad Men.

Thanks to Fred for the tip!

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