Mar.23, 2014

LUUV is a hand-held camera stabilizer for all current and future action cameras, smartphones and compact digital cameras that allows everyone to shoot shake-free videos due to its 3D printed design.

LUUV's shell is completely 3D-printed. "As a team of young, fun-loving sport enthusiasts we have always been annoyed by the shaky footage a digital camera produces when shooting videos on the move. So we decided to develop our own solution for this problem - applying 3D-printing technology." says Berlin, Germany-based startup LUUV.

The team has used the FDM technology for rapid prototyping and the EOS SLS-technology for the production of small batches of protoypes for beta-testers. This innovative production method makes it affordable and continuously improvable.

With LUUV, everybody will be able to shoot steady footage with a digital camera or a smartphone on the move. Here are more from LUUV:

Simple: LUUV can be used intuitively with one hand by pros as well as by first users.


Flexible: Skip the tedious process of self-balancing your camera. Simply apply the recommended setup for your device and you'll be set to go in no time. If you continue to use the same camera you just have to set it up once.


Exciting: Explore surprising new perspectives when turning LUUV by 180 degrees while filming. Imagine shots just centimeters above the ground while racing down a slope on a snowboard!


Robust: Thanks to its sturdy shell and its configuration that goes without electronic components, LUUV can be used everywhere and anytime even in gusty weather conditions.

The team has launched its IndieGoGo campaign offering backers the chance to get one LUUV for an early bird price of 249$ (ca. 180€) including a standard 1/4" tripod screw on a cheese plate, one adapter for common action cams and one universal smartphone adapter, saving 100$ off retail price.

To pre-order your LUUV via their indiegogo campaign click here.

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john pickens wrote at 3/26/2014 5:59:28 AM:

Search glidecam on thingiverse, there are several very good designs you can print and build yourself to under $100.

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