Mar.28, 2014

Chinese business leaders were in Dothan, Alabama today. On Friday's U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium Nanjing Zijin-Lead Electronics, one of China's leading 3D printer manufacturers announced it has decided to open a new facility in Dothan.

Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz (left) and Lian Ning (center) gesture with Schmitz's signature go-go-go sign after announcing that his company, Nanjing Zijin-Lead Electronics, would open a small 3D printer manufacturing facility in Dothan. Image credit: Jay Hare / Dothan Eagle

The new business will be called Dothan 3D. Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz signed a contract with company executives today. "We're honored to have them in this community to bring hi-tech, 3D printing to Dothan," Schmitz said. "It has unlimited potential."

Nanjing Zijin-Lead Electronics donated six 3D printers to the city last year for educational use, each cost about $10,000. During its last visit, the company also announced its plan to expand to Dothan, to bring about fifty jobs to begin with.

The city of Dothan has been working for more than a year to secure a contract with the Zijin-Lead. Francisco Sanchez, the former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce says this is a big deal for not only Dothan, but the United States.

"During my first trip [to China], I went to visit their manufacturing company, and was very impressed," said Schmitz. "3D manufacturing is something I really want to have in our community. I absolutely want to work out something with them."

Compared to large city like New York, Schmitz said Dothan could offer lower costs on infrastructure, taxes and labor. "I believe they can be more profitable and more efficient when they start up their business in the US," he said, adding that such investment could also create jobs for the local community.

"We're competing not just with your neighbors, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, you're competing with Mexico you're competing with Brazil you're competing with countries in Europe they're hungry for investment," said Sanchez.

Dothan 3D General manager Lian Ning said he could not estimate how many jobs would be created. But the company has already held two training seminars in Dothan. According to Schmitz, the jobs coming to Dothan will be high-paying positions.

Lian Ning said the Dothan facility will allow the company to lower transportation costs and improve customer service to the American market. It is not yet known when construction will begin on the facility.

Nanjing Zijin-Lead Electronics Co. Ltd was founded in September 2008. The joint venture boasts a registered capital of $30 million. The company's unique 3D printing technology - enhanced Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) is capable of producing high-strength, high-precision components. LOM was developed by the California-based Helisys Inc. (now Cubic Technologies). During the LOM process, layers of plastic or paper are fused — or laminated — together using heat and pressure, and then cut into the desired shape with a computer-controlled laser or blade.

The company is now working on direct metal laser sintering technology for printing large and complex metal structure.

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Alex Mattos wrote at 4/1/2015 9:26:50 PM:

We would like to represent this company in Brazil. Please send me an email to Best Ragards, A

Steve_C wrote at 3/30/2014 3:25:06 AM:

Oh... the sweet irony.

Pessimist wrote at 3/29/2014 12:29:44 AM:

1 - They open the plant and hire some workers 2 - Said workers form or join a union 3 - Workers demand higher pay and more benefits making the business unprofitable 4 - Plant closes because in China they can make the stuff dirt cheap

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