April 6, 2014

Francis Bitonti Studio, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., has launched customizable Cloud Collection aiming to create the world's first "factory in the cloud."

Francis Bitonti Studio is best known for creating the world's first ever, fully articulated 3D printed dress for burlesque icon Dita von Teese.

In partnership with MakerBot and 3D printer network 3D Hubs, Francis Bitonti Studio's Cloud Collection will employ distributed manufacturing with products 3D printed locally and on-demand throughout the world. The studio will directly sell data files of 3D printables via its website, beginning with home goods April 2014 and will transition into accessories Fall 2014.

Each item is customizable, and consumers have the option to use a sliding scale to adjust the look of the piece, decide how much noise or relief appears on the surface of a vase or bowl. Files can be purchased from the site for $1, similar to data share platforms such as iTunes. The file can then be either directly printed on a home 3D printer or taken to one of 75 production hubs located globally. The file can also be downloaded and taken to the New York MakerBot retail store where they will print on demand.

After 3D printing, the product can be picked up directly from the hub producer or it can be locally shipped. All products are designed to be printed on a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer.

"Our aim is to embed the properties of digital media into physical realities," explained founder Francis Bitonti. "We've created products that are hackable, shareable, and downloadable, which enables us to bring the consumer customizable, locally produced products on demand and without excess waste, resulting in a low carbon foot print."

"We were really moved by the designs and customizable options of the bowls, trays and vases." noted Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot. "This is a first for us at MakerBot to offer another designer's products to download and 3D print."

In addition to the Cloud Collection, the customizable and 3D printed Bristle Dress, created by Francis Bitonti Studio and his New Skins Workshop, will also be on display at the MakerBot Retail Store for the month of April.


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