April 17, 2014

Collaborative 3D printer network 3D Hubs has released its April trend report today. This time, based its data on over 4000 printers in the network and thousands of 3D print jobs, the report shows the value of average order per category for the first time to give you a good insight in what the spending pattern is per category.

The scale model section is topping the charts with an average value of $61.3. These models are most often quite detailed and have a large build volume, sometimes consisting of multiple parts as well. Coming in on the second spot are the Art/Fashion projects. These projects vary from extremely large sculptures in ultra high resolution to medium sized figurines printed in a medium resolution.


In the Printer Model Distribution chart, the Ultimaker 1, which has its roots in Europe, has lost its position as the most used printer to the Replicator 2. But its successor, the Ultimaker 2, ploughing on with a 70% month over month growth rate. 26 new printer types were added in this month's report, including Zortrax M200, a Polish 3D printer which recently sold 5000 units to Dell.


In three major 3D printing markets, North America, Asia Pacific and South America, Makerbots continue to be the most used printers. Ultimakers are still the most popular printers in Europe, accounted for 19.76% in the network. South America is dominated by Makerbot, RepRap or RepRap-like builds like the Prusa i3 and the Mendel Prusa.


ABS and PLA continue to dominate the market, making up nearly 70% of the list of available print materials. White and black remain the most popular print colour, with red and blue following up. The most notable change in the lower regions comes from Glow-in-the-Dark filaments; growing from 0.8% to 2.0%.

The amount of 3D printers on 3D Hubs has also grown to 4000, with an average 40% monthly increase. You can check out the full April trend report here on 3D Hubs.

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