April 23, 2014

Yesterday was Earth Day, More than a billion people around the world celebrated this year, the 44th anniversary of the annual day of action.

An project, Urban Hubs, was set up to raise awareness and have a positive impact on neighborhood recycling rates. Urban Hubs are 3D printed recycle bins for bottles and cans, made on a Cube 3D printer using compostable PLA filament.

With support from 3D Systems, this project connects two communities: the locals and the makers. Makers download, print and install Urban Hubs, while local residents feed Urban Hubs with their empty bottles and cans. It could help cleaning up streets, and make it easier for the canners to collect and redeem them for cash at the local recycling station.

"Make Change in your community. Starting making a difference this Earth Day and explore how 3D printing can positively impact the world around you", 3D Systems explains.

With support from 3D Systems, Urban Hubs team created STL files of the 3D model, so makers can download and print out on their own printer. The Urban Hubs' modular design allows you to use them in sets or one at a time. You can then either create your own hub or add to other existing hubs in your town.

The STL files can be downloaded free here on Cubify.

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yee wrote at 4/24/2014 3:32:51 PM:

They are mostly displaying beer cans Eduardo. And even if they were soda cans, are you purporting that providing an accessible method of recycling promotes the consumption of canned beverages? I don't see the correlation.

Feign wrote at 4/23/2014 10:08:21 PM:

For an anti-waste project, the amount of material inneffeciency for the sake of looking good here is staggering.

Eduardo wrote at 4/23/2014 8:20:15 PM:

Soda cans? That's unhealthy. Why not combine earth day with health day? There's so many nice things to print. Keep sugar out.

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