April 23, 2014

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have seen quite many 3D printer funding campaigns lately. This time is the Stalactite 102, a resin-based, DLP 3D printer.

DLP Projector based printers have been gaining in popularity in the last few years. Utilizing the same kind of projector often used for PowerPoint presentations, DLP 3D printer is capable of turning liquid into finely detailed objects. The projector shines on the surface of a liquid plastic resin that hardens when exposed to a certain wavelength of light. The light draws and hardens a layer at a time until the entire model is built.

Barcelona based Startup Stalactite is seeking a reasonable of €50,000 funding on indiegogo. For €1,850 (only 5 available) or €1,999 (Early Bird special) you get a fully assembled 3D printer based on SLA technology. Stalactite 102 is a compact, foldable device allowing anyone to turn their ideas to physical items. It comes with proprietary software with fast slicing and automatic supports and patent pending decoupled dual peeling system.

Here are the specs:

  • Build Area: 102mm x 76.8mm x 180mm
  • Minimum layer thickness down to 25 microns
  • High DPI (dot per inch) density on X/Y (100 microns NORMAL mode, 50 microns FINE mode)
  • Mechanized aluminum and laser cut steel components

The company has also developed the resins in-house. They are offering four different materials with affordable prices at launch date.

  • STANDARD: an entry level resin for general 3d printing needs.
  • PROTOTYPING: A material that has similar properties as ABS or Nylon plastic. Ideal for electronic housings, cogs, Iphone holders.
  • ELASTIC: An elastic and flexible resin.
  • WAXY: It demonstrates similar properties as investment casting waxes. Once you print your model you will be able to use the lost wax investment process and cast your designs to bronze, silver, gold.

Last October the STALACTITE 3D project was chosen as one of the ten winners amongst more than 5000 projects for the HighTech XL Start-Up BootCamp Accelerator contest in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

Stalactite will begin their deliveries in August 2014. For more information, go to Stalactite Indiegogo Campaign page.

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mUVe 3D wrote at 4/24/2014 8:30:56 PM:

I'm wondering if the "Patent Pending" dual peel system is a take of the peel system already used and being sold in the mUVe 1 3D Printer by mUVe 3D? If so it seems that they have taken a concept that has already been released under creative commons non-commercial attribution licensing.

daveb wrote at 4/23/2014 8:42:48 PM:

Finally, an AWESOME PRINTER that everyone can use...!!!

Spyros Papadopoulos wrote at 4/23/2014 6:37:32 PM:

Nice design the printer looks great! It seems there are life in 3D printing in Europe too...

jd90 wrote at 4/23/2014 5:31:45 PM:

I think improving portability in 3D printers is asking for trouble. The more a person is willing to tote it around, the more likely it's going to be jostled in a way that can't be quickly unjostled. Adding moving parts doesn't help.

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