April 26, 2014

Autodesk MeshMixer is a powerful free tool for working with 3D mesh files. It allows a great deal of creativity and is perfect for importing, editing, modifying and painting organic models.

Last week MeshMixer released a new update that lets you add your own 3D printer so you can layout and arrange a print job for your specific machine.

With this release, there are several noteworthy updates including:

  • 3D Printing Improvement: Add/Edit a custom printer. This allows you to prep your 3D prints for any 3D printer.
  • New Make Slices tool: Slice an object into a number flat slices. Two techniques: Stacked or Stacked3D
  • New drag/drop solid objects in addition to parts. Addition of primitives category
  • Added part categories to the Meshmix panel to accommodate growing libraries of parts and solids
  • New "Separate Shells" tool to separate combined but separate geometry into separate objects
  • Better naming of newly created objects from duplicate, separate, etc…
  • PLY binary format support
  • 3Dconnexion space mouse support
  • Other bug-fixes and stability improvements

Watch the video below to see how much fun it can be to use Meshmixer for 3D modeling. You can learn more about this user-friendly app here.

Pendant designed in Meshmixer. A multi-material print on a Stratasys Connex machine

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