April 29, 2014

If you don't want to spend $1,500 to buy a Google Glass, good news here - you can now build your own for way less. Noe & Pedro Ruiz at Adafruit have designed a pair of open source 'Google Glass-like wearable video display', powered with a Raspberry Pi.

It easily clips to your prescription glasses, and can display any kind of device with Composite Video like a Raspberry Pi, notes Adafruit.

The process is quite simple. If you've got access to a 3D printer, you can first download the 3d printed parts for the enclosure on Thingiverse for free. Then you dismantle a pair of TV video glasses, unsolder the four connections from the power circuit in order to increase the lengths of the wires and fit them into the 3D printed enclosure.

Then you'll have to connect it to a Raspberry Pi using a composite audio/video cable. The operating system can then be displayed. You need some coding skills to set up the Raspberry Pi, the Adafruit tutorial has provided some guides on how to update your config.txt with the proper modes and how to adjust the text size.

This is a fun project for DIYers, all you need to purchase is a NTSC/PAL video glasses, a keypad and a Raspberry Pi, totally it would only cost about $200.

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Anja - 3ders.org wrote at 4/30/2014 6:02:09 PM:

Thank you anon. Fixed.

anon wrote at 4/30/2014 5:23:16 PM:

"operation" typo in 'The operation system can then be displayed'. Its "operating" instead...

anon wrote at 4/30/2014 5:21:13 PM:

"composition" audio/video cable...? typo - 'composite'.

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