April 30, 2014

What if designers could parameterize their designs directly as they model to make dynamic designs, and customers could easily personalize designs/products by adding their own biometric scan data? Well, It is now all possible today with Uformit, an online marketplace and platform for personalized design.

Uformit is a unique online ecosystem that allows designers and creators to directly share interactive designs that can be modified, personalized, and distributed.

The software behind the platform was developed by Uformia, a Norwegian software company which is linked to Uformit and specialized in 3D geometric modeling.

Uformia has developed Symvol – the first commercial geometric kernel and software for true volume modeling. The Symvol technique used for Uformit allows designer to decide which elements of their designs will be parameterized. Customers can view the 3D model and change those parameters on a simplified interface that connects to all the back-end 3D modeling systems. And designers can also use an embed tag to show a full 3D view of the product on their own website, similar as embedding a video player, with a 'buy' button that links back to uformit.

Uformit is "a place where quality trumps quantity." says Hans Christian Gjøvik, CEO of Uformit. "We wanted the website to be easy, intuitive, informative and inviting. We also wanted to convey a sense of quality in line with our design offering, but with a more friendly rather than formal tone."

Uformit offers the possibility of combining or merging your own biometric data with different designs to create truly personalized objects. Biometric face data is the three-dimensional digital representation of your face, which can be captured using different types of 3D scanning/photo devices.

Some of the designs on Uformit, such as the Self Portrait Mask and the Self Portrait Pendant from renowned artist Joshua Harker, combines a filigree pattern with Joshua's actual biometric face data. Users can scan their face and have a mask made that exactly fits them. "There is no more worrying about what size will fit or the dreaded 'one size fits all', we're now talking about real 'fit for one'. " says Cherie Stamm, CEO of Uformia and Co-founder of Uformit.

Self Portrait Pendant by Joshua Harker

Another design, Ion Cufflinks created by Turlif Vilbrandt, uformit's master digital crafter and co-founder, allows you to replace 2 letters and see how the shapes interplay with each other to make unique, artistic designs.

Ion Cufflinks by Turlif Vilbrandt

Uformit works with i.materialise as our preferred production partner and sells prints of these beautiful 3D models online. They have six designs on the site at launch, and up to now all the feedback are very positive. "The feedback we have received so far has been very inspiring." Gjøvik said. "People without industry knowledge seem to get what we're trying to do, and that is very important for us. Our main focus for the next few months will be adding designs/designers to the site with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, to build an attractive collection of products."


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