May 5, 2014

Want to build your own 3D printed army? If you do then you should have a look of Mech Maker launched on Kickstarter.

Mech Maker allows you to create or customize your own mechs using parts, colors, and patterns in custom apps, and 3D print them for any tabletop games.

Each mech consists of 5 components: A head, torso, 2 arms, and a pair of legs. You can choose your favourite combination, and add colors, textures and pattern to make a unique, customized mech. Users can also get a chance to continue to build new mechs by collecting Mech Maker packs. Every time when you open a pack, you will find an assortment of unique mech parts and patterns.

"Our goal with Mech Maker is to give you the tools to not only create a unique figure to bring to the physical world, but then do something with it. " notes Imagimod, the team behind Mech Maker.

When you complete with your creation, you can either download a .stl file to print it yourself, or order a full-color plastic 3d print from Imagimod.

Imagimod has launched Mech Maker on Kickstarter, seeking $50,000 in funding to finish its app and get guest artists to create more components for users. If they reach the relevant stretch goals, they will also develop the app for Android users too, says the IMAGIMOD team.

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Josh wrote at 4/7/2016 10:51:09 AM:

This is something I would actually be interested in doing. If this is coming out soon, I will download it right when it does.

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