May 5, 2014

The KXX, pronounced kah-shi-shi in Brazilian Portuguese, is 3D-printed rattling rings, inspired by the Brazilian caxixi instrument. The caxixi is a percussion instrument from Brazil and some African countries, made of a hand woven closed basket containing seeds or particles.

Using 3D printing, Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen has tranformed caxixi instrument into a ring-shaped wearable device, with the beads printed right inside them, so no assembly is needed. You can use KXX as a percussion instrument, or as a fun fashion accessory. It is available in many sizes and colors, and you can also get them in your country's colors to cheer for your soccer team.

"Since my first initiations into capoeira and Brazilian culture, I've been fascinated by the caxixi instruments that rattle with the sound of beads bouncing inside them." notes Cornelissen.

"I find it just as fascinating that 3d-printing now allows us to miniaturize this shape into a wearable ring - with the beads printed right inside them."

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