May 6, 2014

American artist Joshua Harker is considered a pioneer and visionary in 3D printed art and sculpture. Due to the level of detail his work is credited as the first to break the "design & manufacturing threshold of possibility".

For the last 18 months Harker has been developing a new 3D printing technology, "a completely new approach & not another FDM/RepRap or DLP project", says Harker. In order to raise funds to complete R&D of this revolutionary new 3D printer technology, Harker is offering his 3D printed filigree floral sculpture, "Mazzo di Fiori," as rewards for your support.

Harker's "Mazzo di Fiori" is a filigree floral composition printed in SLS Polyamide for celebrating the harmony & beauty of opposite & opposing forces. "The water surface depicts the plane of separation between liquid & gas with the reaching flower transcending & binding both worlds… an environmental yin yang." explains Harker.

"My art is about pushing the limits of form... an exploration into what can be made & how to accomplish it. My venture into this project is a direct extension of that." Harker says.

The funding will allow him to go further with R&D of his own 3D printing technology, and he will reveal the details of the printer after provisional patents are filed.

This new technology will have following specs and features:

  • Multi-material building to include many standard injection molding plastics (ABS, PP, PE, PS, PVC, acrylic, nylon), elastomers, wax, graphene & other conductive materials (to support in-model printed circuitry)
  • Precision full tonal color
  • Non-structural & reusable support system allowing for interconnected parts & floating assemblies (chain links, gearing, captured geometries, etc)
  • On par with current industry high-resolution standard (X&Y: 600x600 dpi, Z: <15-25 microns/<.001") @ 12-14mm per hour build speed
  • Potential high-resolution twice that of current industry best (X&Y: 1200x1200 dpi, Z: 5-6 microns/.0002") @ 12-14mm per hour build speed
  • Hi-Speed option at approx 25mm per hour build (X&Y: 600x600 dpi, Z: <15-25 microns/<.001")
  • Target pricing at less than $1000 for consumer level machine
  • Plug & play... no special part orientation, machine setup, or post processing required

Harker is offering 8 reward tiers on Kickstarter for your participation in "PHASE 1" of development. Check out Harker's Mazzo di Fiori & the next generation 3D printer here on Kickstarter.

Below are samples of some of rewards:

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alisha a wrote at 1/23/2018 3:21:22 PM:

umm show us how to desighn this project

Dan wrote at 7/13/2014 5:00:41 AM:

He is raising money to make a prototype machine, not selling machines at the moment.

Matan wrote at 5/6/2014 7:09:59 PM:

WHERE IS THE PRINTER?? Don't show us flowers and specs, show us a real machine and we'll believe you..

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