May 7, 2014

3D printing service provider Sculpteo is now offering no cost hollowing and a redesigned cutaway view to their customers. Print customers can use both features without having any particular 3D skills.

"Hollowing" lets you hollow out any of the 3D models you uploaded. To do that, you simply need to activate it in the Optimize section of the "Print Page". Once the model has been hollowed, add two or more holes to remove the unused material and you're good to go. Sculpteo's software automatically chooses the best settings for your model and updates it every time you change the material or the size of your model.

Hollowing models can save you money on your 3D prints. This feature is also handy if you want to make your print lighter or for certain materials where bulk can be a problem, like ceramic.

The second feature, Cutaway View, is not new. But Sculpteo has added it in the print page's review section. You're now able to activate the "Cutaway View" and check if everything looks good inside your "hollowed" 3D model. If you have any moving parts on your model, you can check that if there's proper spacing between the parts to make sure your print are fully functional.

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