May 14, 2014

Electronics e-commerce and direct sales company Monoprice announced its newest offering, a Dual Color Extrusion 3D Printer. Founded in 2002, Monoprice's primary focus early on was cables. After cables, the company moved to other categories such as camera accessories, basic audio equipment, TV wall mounts etc. The company is now a $120m-a-year business.

Obviously Monoprice wants to become a real hardware player by entering 3D printing market. Initially previewed at the 2014 CES show, Monoprice's debut 3D Printer model is a low-priced, dual color 3D printer. Priced at under $1,200, the new Monoprice printer features black powder coated case, MK-8 dual head, heated metal build plate, 225 x 145 x 150 mm build volume, and 0.1 mm layer thickness. The unit prints at a rate of 24cc per hour.

It is not hard to recognize the Monoprice's new printer is identical to Chinese manufacturer Flashforge's Creator X 3D printer. Is it an OEM version of Creator X? Check out the specs and photos of Creator X 3D printer below.

Flashforge sells Creator X + 2 rolls filaments + 1 SD card + Free shipping for $1,299. Along with these extras and free shipping, Monoprice's price, at $1,199, is quite attractive to individuals and small businesses.

"We are looking to have a major impact in the fast-growing field of 3D printing," said Luke Grant, Monoprice's Vice President of Marketing. According to Anthony Gih, Monoprice's Product Manager for camera and imaging products, Monoprice is also working to create a new community of 3D printer users, "eliminating the notion that these devices are solely for high-end seasoned tech users."

The official product launch is expected on or around May 22.

Package Contents:
1x 3D Printer
1x Dual Extruder
2x Spool Holders
1x 1kg Spool of 1.75mm White PLA Filament
1x 1kg Spool of 1.75mm Black PLA Filament
2x Filament Guide Tubes
1x Bolt & Hex Wrench Kit
1x Spare Sensor Cable
1x Power Supply
1x USB Cable
1x 4GB SD Card with instruction manual


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Lonnie wrote at 12/27/2015 3:57:15 PM:

Can you tell me how to get tech. support for monoprice 3d select?

Myshkin wrote at 2/11/2015 3:18:46 PM:

@Berry ... Right, because americans are SOOO much better at putting together all of those chinese made parts.

Graeme wrote at 5/15/2014 2:32:40 AM:

I have a Flashforge Creator, and the company really stood behind the product when I had an issue. I got better service from them (Johnny Lam was the rep in my case) than most American companies I've dealt with. I'm completely satisfied with the quality and their support. I would definitely buy another.

Nick Lancaster wrote at 5/14/2014 3:53:29 PM:

I know someone with a FF Creator. he likes it, great value compared to the replicator 2. He said the build quality was fine.

Berry wrote at 5/14/2014 12:39:48 PM:

again Replicator 2 copy, I wonder when Chinese people open eyes and STOP produce low quality copies... But I'm worry that will never happen.

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