May 16, 2014

Kansas City based Designer and 3D Printing Evangelist Michael Curry (aka Skimbal) has been making a 3D printed giant RC vehicle since Dec. 2013. Curry always tries to push the boundaries of what's possible with a single 3D printer by printing out large multi-print pieces. If you haven't seen Michael's earlier work yet, you definitely need to take a look at his Gothic Cathedral Playset and Turtle Shell Racers on Thingiverse.

Last weekend Michael posted an update on his 3D printed car project.

The frame and the two pivots for the steering mechanism.

The vehicle is now (almost) ready for Bay Area Maker Faire 2014 (05/17/2014 - 05/18/2014). Its weighs about 70 pounds and was printed over 5 months on two MakerBot Replicators. The parts are all printed at the default medium settings (2 shells, 10% density, .2mm layer height) except for the blue pins, which are printed at 20% density with 4 shells.

Making Progress on my 3D Printed Vehicle. This is the frame and the two pivots for the steering mechanism. I should have the whole thing running as a Giant RC Car for the Bay Area Maker Faire.

“They said ‘You Wouldn’t Download a Car’! Well now you can!”

Check out some more videos Curry made documenting the process of building up this giant 3D printed car:


3D printing giant RC vehicle - An update on the Rear Axle on March 25, 2014

An update on the development of the suspension and drivetrain, also you can get a look at what is the final version of the rear axle.


3D printing giant RC vehicle - Rear End Prototype #2 on Feb 15, 2014

The second prototype of the Rear Suspension for this 3D Printable Vehicle and the start of the Wheel structures.


3D printing giant RC vehicle - The rear suspension test on Dec.31, 2013

Below is a test version of the rear suspension of Curry's in-progress 3d printed vehicle. Printed in PLA on two Makerbot Replicators.


3D printing giant RC vehicle - 3D Printed Differential - Bench Test on Dec.15, 2013

Bench Test of my 3d Printed rear differential. Printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 at Medium settings: 2 shells, 0.2mm layer height, and 10% infill density. The buckets have a combined weight of 70 pounds (30 kilos). At the end the chain slips off sprocket and got twisted, with ended testing for the day.

If you plan to visit Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend, remember to check out Curry's work and see it in action.


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Derek D wrote at 3/6/2015 12:12:39 AM:

Where is the files?

Gordon wrote at 5/17/2014 3:22:33 PM:

How about our machine

Hans Fouche wrote at 5/16/2014 12:37:18 PM:

Michael Curry, You need my machine....... Regards ;-) Hans Fouche

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