May 19, 2014

Clug by vancouver-based hurdler design studio is a tiny smart clip that was designed to store and secure your bike. You probably won't believe such a small clip could work so well, but Clug is one of the cheapest and easiest way to mount your bike on a wall. " It's like a hug... for your bike." the team states.

Clug is made of 2 parts, the clipper and the gripper. The gripper conceals two screws which hold the things in place on your wall. And then the clipper is just snapped right into the gripper.

You can mount the Clug on any types of surfaces. You can either mount the Clug high so it grips your bicycle's front wheel for a secure hold, or mount the Clug lower so your bike stands on its two wheels.

Clug currently fits 23mm - 28mm road bike tires, with a version for mountain bike and kids' bikes currently going through testing.

The project is seeking funds on Kickstarter for investing in injection molded tooling to produce Clugs. Up until now the company has been using 3D printer, for example a Makerbot Replicator 2 to test the design.

Talking about where the idea came from, the team says,

We all cycle into the office but where to store them all became a problem, it really started to look a little messy. When we looked a little further we saw the same thing elsewhere too...


We considered installing a winch system, or some clever hooks, but being designers and with our 3D printer so close to hand we thought we'd see what we could come up with to solve the problem for ourselves.


Holding the bike in roughly the position we wanted it to be in, it became fairly obvious that all that was needed to keep it there was a very small attachment to the wall so we set about defining exactly what that attachment would be. And the result is CLUG.

The team is seeking $32,000 CAD on Kickstarter. Everyone who pledges $5 or more will be emailed the digital files that will allow them to print a Clug of their very own on a 3D printer, and $9 CAD snags you one of the Clugs. It is a simple and neat solution to help you save space and display your ride proudly without damaging it or your walls. And when you're not using it, Clug is just a small wall ornament. Visit the Clug Kickstarter for more on the bicycle storage clip.


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