May 23, 2014

Last year Robo 3D raised around $650,000 on Kickstarter for their RoBo 3D Printer, the 'R1'. At $599-$699, RoBo 3D is a user friendly little device designed for the home, hobbyists and small business uses. Even though it's incredibly cheap, the RoBo 3D has a hefty print area (10 x 9 x 8 inches) and high resolution of 100-Micron print layers.

Since earlier this year, Robo 3D has been working on their 2nd generation 3D printer, the 'R2'. At maker faire San Francisco held last weekend (May.17~18, 2014) Robo 3D announced the R2 available for pre order this summer.

Robo 3D R2 printer

From the photo Robo 3D posted days ago, the R2 looks really nice and includes a nearly fully enclosed build chamber to get stabilized temperatures. The R2 will be an affordable enterprise 3D printer, according to the team.

The Robo 3D R2 printer features 10 x 10 x 10 build volume that is 40% larger than the Robo 3D R1. It is equipped with dual nozzle and are therefore able to print with two different color/material combinations.

Other features:

  • Metal hotends for multi material
  • Wifi enabled using the new Robo 3D Titan electronics board
  • Automatic leveling mechanism
  • R2 Rapid Speed Technology
  • LEDs
  • Teeter mechanism for ooze and knock prevention when extruding materials
  • Carbon filter to ensure safe, non-toxic 3D printing
  • Heated removable build plate
  • Optimized software to get your printing quicker and easier

Last weekend Robo 3D also announced that it will be releasing their new electronics board - the Titan as well as new file sharing website

Titan electronics board

The Titan is an all-in-one wireless 3D printer controller. It features:

  • Power up to 25amps with 24volts = 600 watts
  • On board SD Card Port
  • Triple extruder capabilities or Dual Z drivers and Dual extruders
  • 10 fans for optimal cooling of hot ends, motors and prints
  • On board rocker switch to turn printer on and off with flick of a switch
  • On board thermistor with fan control for active Titan cooling
  • 2 RGB LED ports for lighting up your 3D printer
  • Use up to 6 motor drivers
  • Users the popular Arduino MEGA 2560 - works with Marlin, Sprinter, & Repetier Firmware

File sharing website - Makable

The Robo 3D's Makable is a new marketplace for 3D file sharing. Users are able to download and rate files and build popular categories. You can browse 3D files by category or filter by likes, views, estimated print time, print difficulty etc. You can also search for designers and follow them and their work, or hire any of them to help you create something unique.

"Our customers have always been the backbone of Robo, and we listened to them when designing the components of the R2 and the Titan and also when building our new file sharing platform." said Braydon Moreno, CEO of Robo 3D. "Our goal has been and always will be to help bring 3D printing to the masses and by giving our customers options and building an ecosystem around our brand, we hope to achieve that."


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is this out yet r2 how much is it what metel does do or not

Jack wrote at 7/27/2015 9:49:27 AM:

The Robo 3D Mega at $10,000 is way over priced and they will be way under priced real fast and lose market share in the large build area machines.

Robert Inness wrote at 1/23/2015 5:09:40 PM:

You are writing about as though it is up and running, well today is the 23 Jan 2015, and it is not up and running yet, so I presume you just took RoBo's word for it and did not try to use the site, Bob

Rick wrote at 5/31/2014 1:23:00 AM:

There is a lot of studies that prove the inefficiencies of the charbon filter or any filter on the market for printing ABS, because it's too small to be capture by filter!!

Ben wrote at 5/23/2014 7:03:46 PM:

That thing looks sweet, I want one.

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