May 28, 2014

Pasadena, CA based startup New Matter, former IdeaShaper, has been working on a new 3D printer for consumer market since early this year. Today the company has launched a 35 day Indiegogo campaign to accept pre-orders for their new 3D printer, the MOD-t.

Through clever mechanical engineering, New Matter has significantly reduced the cost to produce the MOD-t 3D Printer. New Matter developed a unique, patent-pending electro-mechanical design and a build platform with dramatically fewer parts, making the printer highly reliable, precise and affordable. The regular retail price for MOD-t is $249, but there are a limited number of units available at $149 and $199.

Key features of the MOD-t 3D printer include:

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Prints in safe, environmentally-friendly Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic
  • Print speeds of 80mm per second
  • Layer resolution selectable from 0.2 to 0.4mm
  • Maximum object size of 4 x 6 x 5 inches

The MOD-t prints at a 200 microns resolution. The company says it is still testing for optimal parameter settings for 0.1 mm layers and they hope to fully support that by the time of product shipment.

While some of the printers' extruder moves in the X axis and the Y axis, the New Matter MOD-t works in a different way. It extruder only moves in the Z axis, while the print bed moves in the X and Y axis. This design lowers both the number of components and overall cost of the printer.

"We're entering an exciting time where more and more people are being inspired by the possibilities of using 3D printing to customize the world around them," said Steve Schell, Co-Founder and President of New Matter. "To truly make 3D printing accessible to everyone, we had to create a unified hardware and software experience that encourages people to explore and share their creations."

The New Matter team is made up of veterans from the 3D printing and design industry, and is backed by leading venture capital firms First Round Capital and Alsop Louie, with additional investments from Idealab, frogVentures, Biotechonomy and angel investor Scott Banister.

"My dream is for a 3D printer in every home and in every classroom," said Bill Gross, Founder of Idealab and Co-Founder of New Matter.

New Matter utilizes high-volume manufacturing processes in order to reduce the overall product cost of the MOD-t design. To further ensure a smooth path to production, New Matter has partnered with Dragon Innovation, which specializes in bringing hardware products to market and has worked on some of the most successful hardware crowdfunding campaigns. After rigorous review and analysis, the MOD-t has earned the "Dragon Certified" designation, indicating that the MOD-t is manufacturing-ready.

Providing a Vibrant Online Marketplace

At the conclusion of the Indiegogo campaign, New Matter will also launch an integrated online marketplace where users can buy and sell 3D-printable designs, providing an "Etsy meets iTunes"-like opportunity for designers and artists.

The Marketplace will feature customizable models and limited-edition items created by renowned designers and artists. The designs in New Matter's curated store will be specifically calibrated for the MOD-t printer. An easy to use interface will allow users to interact with and adjust 3D models. In addition, the New Matter store's social and sharing capabilities will enable users to send physical objects to friends as easily as sending a text message, or subscribe to a personalized series of curated 3D objects to be delivered on a regular basis.

New Matter partnered with frogVentures, the investment arm of global product strategy and design firm frog, to co-develop the company's experience strategy and design—from branding and identity to the design of the printer, marketplace and app.

"3D printing promises a magical interaction – with the press of a button, you can turn intangible ideas into physical objects," notes Ethan Imboden, VP of Venture Design at frog. "This has been an essential technology for designers and engineers for decades but, without a robust ecosystem of easy to share designs, 3D printing had yet to deliver on its promise for mainstream consumers. In our work with New Matter, we've focused on crafting a product ecosystem that moves beyond the basics of 'ease of use' to make 3D printing both relevant and delightful for anyone."

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is your company publicly traded Charles conradi

Rafael wrote at 6/25/2014 6:23:49 AM:

Where to buy it? and how much is it today

smartfriendz wrote at 6/3/2014 5:04:44 PM:

one year wait. wow. with the speed of 3d printing development, i think at that time it will be completely .... old :) but for $150, not a big risk, right ?

Feign wrote at 5/30/2014 5:53:31 PM:

@The One, You're only allowing them one dream? A dream about the general end of human suffering and hardship is pretty much implied for everyone, and doesn't need to be explicitly mentioned in every discussion about specific goals for the future. Thad said, do you have a complaint that's not general naysaying against progress the likes of which has been used since the beginning of human history?

The One wrote at 5/29/2014 8:30:19 AM:

Such an annoy video. You lost me at the dream statement. Strange for a dream of everyone with a 3d printer. What about having everyone with a home first, shelter, food, no starving kids.

Feign wrote at 5/28/2014 9:56:17 PM:

Just to note, the $149 Early Bird Special sold out of its 500 units about 2 hours after the launch of the campaign. As I type there are still over half of the 1000 printers available at the $199 price, though. I suspect they'll be sold out as well by tomorrow, though.

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