Jun 4, 2014

Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Builder announces today a new and unique feature: color mixing for its Builder 3D Printers.

The Builder 3D Printers (small and Big Builders) are equipped with Dual-Feed extruder which is capable of printing two materials/colors through one nozzle. This setup makes it possible to mix colors using Builder's new color mixing tool. Check out the image below, the vase was 3D printed in yellow and pink filament with 'color mixing' code, resulting a vase with three colors: pink, orange and yellow.

How does color mixing work?

With color mixing you are able to mix two PLA colors with each other and create a third color. The mixed color is created by changing the percentage of colors in G-code from extruding 100% of each color to, for example, 40% red and 60% yellow. This process creates the color mixing effect.

How do you create a color mixing G-code for your object?

Builder 3D Printers has created a "color mixing" generator on their website. You can first upload your G-code and then select mix ratio's. The online geneartor will then add extra commands into your existing G-codes. The new commands transform a normal G-code into a color mixing G-code. Then you can download the G-code for printing your own color mixed object.

When purchasing a small or Big Builder with Dual-Feed extruder, customers will receive a password by email which allows them to use the "color mixing" generator.

Check out the video to find out how Builder's color mixing works.

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Heath wrote at 12/13/2015 4:24:41 AM:

Just add cyan, black, and white and you'll have full-color 3D !!

Fang of the COBRAS wrote at 6/6/2014 2:33:58 AM:

It would be great to see a 3 spool version so you could make most colors with the primaries.

WilM wrote at 6/4/2014 8:30:03 PM:

COOOL!!! Pretty prints they have!

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