Jun 5, 2014

How to get consumers' attention? The advertising industry continues to come up with innovative ideas. For the upcoming Creative Fuel event in Australia, Aussie agency Cummins & Partners has found a way to promote the conference with "The World's First Crowd Sourced 3D Printed QR Code, Live Streamed Via Go Pro To A Smart Phone Or Tablet Device, Drone Delivery Ticket System Project."

One important aspect of the project is to be first, said Ben Welsh, executive creative director of M&C Saatchi Sydney, "it doesn't really matter what it's being first with, but being first wins the day."

To create this project for Creative Fuel, the creative team at Cummins & Partners spent more time crafting the case study video than doing the idea. Cummins & Partners joint executive creative director's Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens live-tweeted Paul Middleditch, creator of iconic films such as "The Big Ad", to turn the vision into a compelling case study film.

"We felt it was important to get somebody famous to make the film to give it an extra level of gravitas that it may have otherwise lacked." They said.

Middleditch was immediately excited by this ambitious project: "I was immediately excited by this ambitious project."

Some of the big names in the Australian creative industry were given a first hand glimpse of this project, all of whom were "impressed into gasps of speechlessness after first providing an interesting sound-bite for the case study."

Cummins & Partners described their innovation as "the most cutting edge technology in the world", which allows the creative community of Australia to "engage with technology in an immersive, tangible manner through first person human-to-drone interaction."

How many of you believe this is serious? Anyway you don't want to miss the video below. This innovation is for Creative Fuel Event planned for July 28th.

Every so often, an idea comes along that is a real game changer. That shifts paradigms. That blows your freaking mind. It's an idea that is certain to become a part of the cultural zeitgeist by blurring the lines between advertising, marketing, technology, and brain washing. This is one such idea. And it will improve your creativity by at least 23%. Introducing The World's First Crowd Sourced 3D-Printed QR Code Live Streamed Via Go Pro To A Smart Phone Or Tablet Device Drone Delivery Ticket System Project.


via: Campaign Brief

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Ian Lyons wrote at 6/10/2014 12:53:51 AM:

Nice to see our little video made it here despite it being aimed squarely at the advertising community. Indeed we were poking fun, that drone still had to be built and it had to print and also fly. I'll reveal how it was done in a series of real case studies soon.

TK wrote at 6/7/2014 1:28:56 AM:

Lol, the video is filled with great quotes such as: "Utterly pointless, vacuous and a complete waste of time..." "Does that fly?"... "No." "What if someone misses a bus traveling at the speed of light?" "Well, catch the next one I suppose..."

CT wrote at 6/6/2014 5:42:40 AM:

Just wasted 5mins of my life!

Tom wrote at 6/5/2014 4:56:33 PM:

You've got to be kidding me... This is a prank, right? "hey guys! let's sell some buzz words!". It hurts.

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