June 16, 2014

Spidey is an open-source robot that you can make yourself. It can be made with 3D printed structure parts and standard on-shelf electronics.

The parts of Spidey were designed in OpenSCAD, a free and open-source tool. The 3D schematics and code are open source so you can easily change its design and settings. You can add number of legs or new parts, or change the electronics and add new sensors or actuators. You can also rewrite the software to add new actions for the robot.

You will need to buy 12 XL-320 actuators, a controller, the OpenCM9.04 (type B), a battery and screws, nuts etc. The remaining parts, including body and legs, can be 3D printed on any desktop 3D printer. The total print time was around 12 hours, according to the French team behind Spidey.

The total cost of such a DIY-robot is about 330 EUR / 450 USD. You can find all the files, parts list and manuals on GitHub.

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FSHS wrote at 6/26/2014 9:15:41 PM:

Has anybody built this from their instructions? Was it all in order/how much did it cost?

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