June 18, 2014

Most 3D-printed objects are made out of rigid plastic. But if you want to print some handle bar grips for a bicycle or a cell phone case, you need a more flexible material. Now, Airwolf 3D is offering designers and makers the chance to play with WOLFBEND TPU, a flexible and strong material that has properties akin to rubber.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, and has many useful properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. It is highly flexible and is offered in Shore 87A.

TPU has many applications including automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts, and a variety of extruded film, sheet and profile applications. TPU is also a popular material found in cases of mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phones.

Airwolf 3D says it has spent months testing and developing the WOLFBEND TPU, and it is finally ready for release. "This material is much easier to print with than other more popular flexible filaments on the market, and is also much stronger. The layer-to layer bond is incredible, and layer separation is non-existent." According to Airwolf 3D.

The new material is priced at $68 per spool (1lb) in clear color and available in 2.88mm diameter on Airwolf 3D's filament page.


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