July 1, 2014

With the aim of raising awareness of the possibilities of design using 3D printing, Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy from Studio Integrate have launched a Kickstarter campaign for an army of 3D printed GeMo vases that will be exhibited at a London exhibition.

Called Genetically Modified (GeMo), each vase is individually unique. It is designed by an algorithm with inspiration from Islamic art. It is made of two geometrical, octagonal shapes that merge into each other by using an algorithm. The algorithm uses repetition, rotation and symmetry to merge and develop the original shapes. This method is often used in creating traditional Islamic drawings and art.

The algorithms produce over 500 individual vases, and they will be printed in stainless steel, resin, ceramic and nylon. After the exhibition GeMo will no longer be produced.

The vases will be printed in 3 sizes: small (10 cm height), medium (20 cm height) and large (40 cm height). Mehran and Amin are raising funds to launch an exhibition of an army of 500 unique 3D printed GeMo in London, in September. Each GeMo is unique and will belong to Kickstarter supporters.

Images: Courtesy of Studio Integrate

"By supporting the GeMo campaign, you will help a one-of-a-kind and exclusive design become recognised by a wider audience of art and design enthusiasts from around the world." notes the team. Each GeMo is named after its supporter and will be sent to the owners after the exhibition.

"This is a possibility that has emerged from the world of digital design and production." states the team.


via Kickstarter

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fed_up_with_the_hype wrote at 7/1/2014 5:45:16 PM:

This site seems to be pandering to the gimmicky and repetitious nature of half baked kickstarters that play buzzword bingo while not really dong anything innovative.

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