July 3, 2014

ColorFabb announces today that it will start producing 3D Printing materials in pellet form. This new product is aimed at the DIY filament producers who own a small DIY filament extruder such as a filabot.

ColorFabb is offering customers so called test pack, each of them contains 4 jars of pellets, and you can select any desired color combination. A pack fits 4 jars which adds up to a total of 1.2kg of pellets.

"We have invested a lot of time and attention to make this an attractive and configurable box, so that the user can select several varieties of 3D printing materials to get started!" said colorFabb CEO Ruud Rouleaux.

While a spool of PLA / PHA (750 grams) costs €35.95, a test pack of PLA/PHA pellets (1.2kg) cost only €25. ColorFabb also offers woodFill pellets pack for €20, which is very attractive price compared to the €39.95 / 600 grams woodFill filament.

  • PLA/PHA pellets pack / €25
  • pre-colored PLA/PHA pellets pack / €25
  • woodFill pellets pack / €20
  • XT pellets pack / €20
  • PLA pellets pack / €12.50

"Our full range of material innovations and standard printing materials will be become available step by step this year," said Rouleux.

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Nope wrote at 12/20/2014 9:48:11 AM:

The prices you quote are false, and this is just a marketing and a load of... "While a spool of PLA / PHA (750 grams) costs €35.95" False. You can easily buy a 1kg of PLA for about €15. €21 for pellets you still have to grind yourself? Hahaha..

3D printer skills wrote at 7/10/2014 11:18:25 AM:

Making pre-coloured pellets is extremely labour intensive in small volumes. Pricing is not bad

Sykorsky wrote at 7/4/2014 11:49:06 AM:

Yes !!! The pellets price by 10 kg bags is 10 euros/kilo And by 1000 kg is 1.5 euros/kilo. It's very ridiculous to propose at 21 euros/kg..............

Pelletier wrote at 7/4/2014 9:55:24 AM:

I would think that using pellets and buying a good, precise and consistent filament extruder is only really worth it for high volume production. For all the small scale personal/home fabricators buying a spool is still the easyer and better solution, because having a bad/cheap filament extruder will only get you bad prints with the variance in filament quality and diameter. Those who really go for the big scale would on the other hand not buy these small packs of pellets but actually go directly to the producers and get larger bags of 10kg or more and pay a much lower price for the raw material. So, except for some experimenters out there, there is no real market for selling these small packs at the extremely high price they ask for it...

Drakon wrote at 7/3/2014 4:11:07 PM:

Price difference is ridiculous if you count filament extruder, energy and labor costs! Probably it will be cheaper to buy spool instead of these pellets!

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