July 9, 2014

Simplify3D Software is commercial 3D printing software that has been in the market almost 2 years. Simplify3D replaces the Repetier-Host and Slic3r packages and allows importing of different files, scaling a model up or down, repairing the model code, creating Gcode and starting the actual print.  

Simplify3D incorporates very fast slicing algorithms that quickly creates clean Gcodes of even the most complex models. The animated print previewer shows how the model would be printed layer by layer. This allows fixing or improving the model before starting the actual print.

The software also supports dual extruders and multi model printing. The latter option allows the placement of a number of models simultaneously on the print bed, each with its own set of print parameters. The user has complete control where and how much support material is being used. This reduces the print time and material used. Parameters can even be changed within a model allowing to change the fill density to make some parts stronger. Moreover, the layer height can be varied within the model and the print speed and temperature is adjustable.

"We printed two test bunnies on the NEO, one using Repetier-Host and Slic3r, the other with Simplify3D (see photo below)." notes German RepRap. "For example the ears of the bunny turned out much more ragged using the Slic3r software. The Simplify3D version looks a lot cleaner overall."


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Natebluehooves wrote at 11/11/2016 5:01:38 PM:

@alessandro from personal experience, that does happen in slic3r. it's derpy when it comes to small geometry or non-manifold objects. simplify3d fixes this on its own in most cases. it's not "fake" as far as I can tell. it's perfectly reasonable. inb4 "omg you paid shill"

Alessandro Ranellucci wrote at 7/9/2014 12:42:13 PM:

I understand you want to sell commercial software, but fake comparisons are definitely a silly way to go...

Un-impressed wrote at 7/9/2014 10:41:35 AM:

Umm, Simplify3d (Formerly known as Simplify3d Creator) has been around for quite awhile, its not new at all. Why is this article written to sound like it is never been heard of before? Its not even made by German RepRap at all. Dont get me wrong, the software is great, I've been using it on my Makerbot since last year. But maybe next time you guys should actually look it up before writing about it being a new announced product.

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