July 10, 2014

Developers at CraftUnique has launched their CraftBot 3D Printer on Indiegogo. CraftBot is capable of printing large objects (250x200x200 mm, approx. 10x8x8 in). The company aims to bring easy to use affordable 3D printer to the mass market and they have included all the best features found in the other 3D printers.

The CraftBot 3D printer is fully assembled, and comes with high quality laser cut metal parts and CNC milled components. It includes heatable build platform for avoiding bending or warping during the printing process. The CraftBot uses a 2.8" QVGA LCD touchscreen, which makes it very easy to control the printer. The electronics of the CraftBot is claimed to be the best quality electronic parts allowing the user to immediately interact with the printer.

CraftBot has also developed their own CraftBot that is free to download. The CraftBot is an all in one slicer software that turns your digital 3D model into the toolpath information understood by 3D printers.

"An algorithm which generates such a toolpath must be smart enough to provide the most precise pathway for the best possible results and quality." notes CraftBot. "Shorter build time also can be achieved using good toolpath information. With CraftWare you can interactively and easily build custom non-vertical support bars (see video below). With CraftWare, you can also attempt to print non-watertight objects."

The first 100 backers will be able to get the CraftBot 3D printer for $399, which includes also 1kg of PLA material in the color of your choice. The printers will be delivered in August.

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chris wrote at 8/29/2014 11:08:32 PM:

Well they seem to be on their way to assembly and shipping soon.

jim wrote at 7/11/2014 6:45:47 AM:

@3dbleh: Exactly. Nothing says vaporware like a lack of real photos. Don't they even have a prototype?

3dbleh wrote at 7/10/2014 6:59:21 PM:

This printer looks great...Nice price and specs. ...but where is the REAL printer? All I see is renders.

CraftUnique wrote at 7/10/2014 11:55:07 AM:

Thanks for sharing! For more on CraftUnique just check out our website: http://craftunique.com/

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