July 10, 2014

3D printing just got a lot easier. Meshmixer users can now print directly to Type A Machines' Series 1 3D Printers, thanks to a new partnership with Autodesk.

3D printer maker Type A Machines has announced the availability of direct 3D printing through Autodesk Meshmixer, bringing ease of use to the 3D printing experience.

Meshmixer is a free 3D modeling tool that lets users mash, mix, sculpt, stamp or paint their own 3D designs. The introduction of direct 3D printing for Type A Machines' 2014 Series 1 3D Printer within Meshmixer makes it easier to translate a 3D design into a physical object.

Type A Machines is also releasing a new all-metal highly durable extruder. The single piece melt path reduces clogging, allows for better temperature and print control, and works with a wider variety of printing materials, including PLA, High Carbon PLA and PET. It's easy to clean and easy to replace.

The new extruder comes standard with all new 2014 Series 1 3D Printers. It will also be offered as an upgrade for existing owners of any Series 1 printer.

"Because of our upgradable platform, our customers get the newest technologies faster and aren't forced to buy a new printer," said Andrew Rutter, chief technology officer at Type A Machines. "Our new extruder is the first of a number of significant hardware upgrades we will release in 2014."

The 2014 Series 1 3D Printer has a large build volume (12 x 12 x 12" / 305 x 305 x 305 mm), allowing users to create and print designs up to one cubic foot in a single print. It features a streamlined aluminum and acrylic body, a glass build surface, and a precision laser cut CNC folded metal chassis. Precision-milled sides and the highest-quality bearings provide a smooth motion.

The modular and extensible design of the 2014 Series 1 3D Printer allow user to selectively upgrade and customize their machine. The printers are ready to connect to a home network right out of the box. Type A Machines' partnership with Autodesk also allows for one-click printing via wi-fi using the free Meshmixer application.

The 2014 Series 1 3D Printer features 50~250 micron layer resolution, 50~150mm/s print speed, 0.4mm nozzle, and is currently priced at $2,749.

"Teaming up with Autodesk brings the advantages of our extensible approach to both hardware and software to more professionals, makers and educators than ever," said Type A Machines CEO, Espen Sivertsen.

"Integrating the direct print feature with the click of a button aligns with Autodesk's mission of unlocking creativity and helps provide users with a more simplified design-to-print workflow." said Christian Pramuk, product manager at Autodesk.

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