July 18, 2014

Today the Gothenburg, Sweden based company Magicfirm Europe has launched a new desktop 3D printer: ZYYX 3D.

The new ZYYX 3D printer features an enclosed build chamber with an active carbon filter system. The enclosure not only maintains temperature stability and helps improving final print quality, it also creates a slight pressure difference with the help of a low speed fan. The filter system removes gases emission from ABS and polyamide (nylon) processing.

One problem with current 3D printers is the poor adhesion of the first layer of the print, resulting in frequent print failures. The ZYYX 3D Printer has an auto-leveling probe on the printhead, which allows the printer to measure the build plate, calculate its flatness and orientation in space, and compensate for any tilt in real time. The key to this active build plate calibration system is a reliable, simple probe design with only a single moving part. This probe is calibrated individually on every printer before delivery.

The ZYYX 3D Printer features a premium borosilicate glass base plate laminated with a custom plastic surface held in place with three neodymium magnets. This build plate surface enables printing with most of the currently available filament types.

The printer comes fully integrated with Simplify3D, an all-in-one software suite with customised profiles and coupled with the smart acceleration algorithms of the Sailfish firmware.

"I started playing with 3D printers as a personal interest. After all, who can resist the idea of owning your own personal factory!" says Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe.

"After setting up my first 3D printer at home with my 3 year old son jumping in excitement next to me I felt immediately that I did not like the idea of exposing him to the fumes from the printer. Since my son´s excitement was very difficult to stop the option of forbidding him to join was not realistic, so I started to think about a solution to the problem instead...".

"I soon found that there are a lot of potential improvements to the current breed of 3D printers and contacted Magicfirm LLC in China and asked if they where interested in my ideas. This lead to a very close cooperation between our companies, where Magicfirm LLC became a shareholder in Magicfirm Europe AB."

"I very soon visited Magicfirm LLC in Hangzhou, China, and found that this is an innovative young company with good working conditions and a lot of positive momentum.", says Mats.

"The main goal when designing the ZYYX 3D Printer was to lift the printing experience to a new level by adding a number of innovative designs to a known base technology. We have been working hard for almost a year with this design now and I am proud to say that we have succeeded with our goal."

The printer is designed for using 1.75mm filaments. It has also a large build volume of 270x230x195mm.


  • Build Volume 270x230x195 mm
  • Filament diameter 1.75 mm
  • Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
  • Max Resolution 50 microns layer thickness, 11 microns XY positioning
  • Speed up to 150mm/s print speed, 200mm/s travel speed
  • Printing temperature 100-265 Degrees Celsius
  • Filament type PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, TPU, Nylon, PET, Laywood, Laybrick, T-glase
  • Interfaces USB, SD Card
  • Stepper Motor type 1.8° Step angle, 1/16 micro stepping
  • Build Plate Glass build plate with ZYYX 3D Print Sheet top layer
  • Firmware Custom Sailfish Open Source FW
  • Product size 43x54x45,5(WxHxL) cm
  • Product weight 16kg

The first production batch of the ZYYX 3D Printer is available for pre-order. The printer is priced at €1,550 plus VAT and shipping.

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Thor V Johansen wrote at 7/23/2014 8:05:05 AM:

Looking for a contact e-mail for this Swedish 32 d printer...

Glen wrote at 7/18/2014 11:53:38 PM:

How did they solve the patent problem for heated 3d chambers? And how does the filter preform with ultra fine particles of styrene that's getting of ABS. In other words, how many micron is the filter holding?

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