July 20, 2014

San Diego, CA-based startup OwnPhones has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their custom-fit, highly personalized 3D printed earbuds. The campaign has a funding goal of $250,000USD by August 25th.

Designed to fit perfectly and built exclusively for each individual ear, OwnPhones earbuds is claimed to be "the first wireless 3D printed, personalized smart earbuds". It represents a combination of the very latest in 3D printing, Bluetooth technology and personal audio.

Along with being custom 3D printed according to the user's personality and choice of activities, they're also completely wireless, cancel noise around the user and can even be made to fit their lifestyle with an ergonomic custom fit.

"Ears are like fingerprints - each one is unique, so it is time that consumers were able to get earbuds that actually fit their ears properly," said Itamar Jobani, CEO and founder, OwnPhones. Jobani is a former NY-based sculpture/installation artist who has exhibited across the US and Europe.

OwnPhones Personalization Technology

A Custom Fit
The OwnPhones mobile app turns a phone's camera into a 3D scanner. By following a few simple steps, users create a short video orbiting the phone around their ears. The OwnPhones servers will then convert the video into a 3D model of their ears.

3D Printed
Each pair of OwnPhones earbuds can be 3D printed in many different materials and fit down to the millimeter. This allows OwnPhones to match the cartilage in the user's ear and can build any set of OwnPhones earbuds, one-at-a-time.

The earbuds are integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so there's no cord to get tangled and no plugs to fumble with. OwnPhones gives users the freedom they need without the restrictions of a cord.

Since OwnPhones are perfectly fitted to each ear, they can be used to block out noise. A built-in digital signal processor can filter ambient noises (Soundscaping) and the user can use the OwnPhones mobile app to let through requested sounds from a beeping alarm to a friend's voice.

Own Status
Using red, yellow and green LED lights, the OwnStatus feature can let OwnPhones communicate for the user. A red light tells people, "Leave me alone," a yellow light says "I'm busy" and a green light says "Let's chat."

Versatile Advantage
Since users have two separate earbuds, they can push music to one side and let the world in through the other. Now, users can use their OwnPhones both as earbuds and as a headset.

Right now the company offers four types of OwnPhones. They are:

  • Fit - custom designed and fitted to stay in your ear, standard style
  • Designer Fit - you have a choice of graphics and a glossy finish to your OwnPhones
  • Smart Fit - The Smart Fit incorporates SoundScaping with a more advanced digital signal processor and has also 'Own Status' enabled
  • Jewelry Collection - You can choose a unique design or shape, add silver, brass, bronze and gold plating, or gemstones to give your earbuds some bling.

OwnPhones is seeking support to complete the development of its wireless 3D printed, personalized smart earbuds and an accompanying mobile app for iOS (Android to follow).

Early Bird Specials include:
For a $149USD pledge, users can get the "OwnPhones Fit" model.
For a $175USD pledge, users can get the "OwnPhones Designer Fit" model.
For a $199USD pledge, users can get the "OwnPhones Smart Fit" model.

Additional rewards include:
For a $799USD pledge, users can design (in their own brand look and style) their own custom branded earbuds. As part of this reward, contributors can sell their branded earbuds on the OwnPhones online store.
Another rewards option includes a pledge for $9,999USD, which will see OwnPhones commissioning a local artist who will meet with the contributor to custom design a Gold & Diamond studded fashion earbud.


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Tom Rust wrote at 7/20/2014 8:32:24 PM:

Idbe concerned any of the metal ones will work - they will block the antenna and alter the fields of the tuning components.

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