July 31, 2014

Shibuya, Tokyo based Japanese company Kabuku released this week a new fashion accessory brand 'mOment' KUMO that integrates 3D printing technologies and Japanese traditional dyeing technique. The company began selling 'mOment' collections on 3D printing marketplace 'rinkak' on July 29, 2014.

The collection combines traditional craft with modern cutting-edge 3D printing technologies. The brand's first line of accessories include rings, necklaces and earrings for ladies. For this first line, Kabuku has partnered with 'Urakami-Senryoten', a dyeing factory located in Kojima area in Okayama-prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese jeans. Urakami-Senryoten specializes in dyeing any denim garment, but it also works with a wide variety of materials and creates colors and textures that no other companies can do.

This new process, called ''Aizome: Indigo-dyeing', hand-dye each item one by one. The inspiration of the first theme 'KUMO-cloud' came from random shade and blur of Aizome, which lead to an image of blue sky and clouds after rain storm. And each piece has its own expression and meaning.

'mOment' is a project with the concept "Make flash moment of a story a reality" aiming to develop new manufacturing process based on latest technologies such as 3D printers. Its design is based on emotions, thoughts and sceneries. Powered by 'rinkak' digital fabrication cloud service, the brand applies made-to-order manufacturing to reduce inventory and increase the level of customization.

To make 3D printed items more popular among consumers, the brand focuses on a simplistic design and keeps balance between smart contemporary in style and uniqueness.

"We believe long-established Japanese finish technologies will enhance potential of new 3D printed products and designs." said industrial designer Yasuhide Yokoi of Kabuku.

Kabuku released "rinkak" in June 2013, an online marketplace that allows anyone to easily sell 3D printed products through its network. rinkak provides also 3D printing service and allows designers to get their design produced through rinkak's 3D printing service and then sell them through the online marketplace. Last month Kabuku raised 200 million yen (about US$2 million) in series A funding led by CyberAgent Ventures.

Check out below the rest of the 'mOment' KUMO line:

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