Aug. 1, 2014

In May this year, Brad Hill unveiled LittleDLPer, an affordable, open source DLP (Direct Light Processing) 3D Printer. The LittleDLPer has been designed from the ground up to simplify the resin printing process.

Two months later, Hill is preparing the final steps of launching a Kickstarter fund raising compaign for his device and he has now renamed the printer 'LittleDLPer' as 'LittleRP'.

"The LittleRP was specifically designed to be both affordable to acquire, and inexpensive to operate." notes Hill. Hill has simplified the resin vat design to keep the cost of replacement vat low. The non-stick coating of the LittleRP resin vats only requires $1 of material to re-coat compared to $8-10 for larger printers.

The LittleRP is designed to be extremely configurable and flexible to fit a variety of needs. It is compatible with a range of vat designs, linear motion components, and DLP light sources. For example, the LittleRP uses Acer x1240 DLP projector, but you can always easily replace it with higher resolution models. The orginal LittleDLPer utilized a Dell 2300MP XGA (1024 x 768) DLP projector which costs about $100. Hill recommends you to choose either the Acer x1240 or Acer P1500 projectors which they have verified to work with the printer design. The Acer x1240 is an inexpensive 1024x768 projector and costs around ~$315+ USD, and the Acer P1500 is a more expensive (~$600+ USD) 1920x1080 option.

The rigid design and high quality linear motion components ensures high print quality. Check out the close ups of 3D prints below featuring a high degree of accuracy and detail.

(Super Hero Head by Terry Nghe)

(Diablo by Sculptor / Thing:224878)

(Open Source Hardware Ring by DjSplitterPro / Thing:358031)

The basic LittleRP kit uses a non-peeling vat, and is intended for jewelry, miniature figures and similar styles of prints. For printing larger or more solid prints the company offers a tilting upgrade. The tilt option will allow you to print much larger models and print them with a larger variety of resins. The optional tilting vat will be available for $149 and all LittleRP printers are upgrade ready before shipping.

(Tilt Option Print - Brian Bust by Michael Balzer of

The Kickstarter kit comes in Complete, Complete HD and Projectorless options. The Complete kit includes everything you need to get printing, whereas the Projectorless option requires you to supply your own DLP projector.

The company will offer the Extra Early Bird LittleRP Kit for $475. The same units will also be available for $499 for later backers.

What is included in the kit:

  • Lasercut Acrylic UV Shield Panels
  • Lasercut Melamine Bonded MDF Panels
  • 2020 T-Slot Frame Material
  • Printed PLA Parts
  • All Required Fasteners
  • Modification Spacers for Acer x1240
  • Pre-Assembled Build Plate and Knob
  • Circular Pre-Coated Vat
  • First Surface Mirror
  • HiWin Linear Rail
  • Sparkfun Redboard pre-loaded with GRBL firmware
  • Custom LittleRP Arduino Shield w/ Stepper Driver
  • High Quality DC Power Supply
  • Integrated Leadscrew Stepper and Nut
  • 100ml MakerJuice SubSF
  • Modified 1024x768 DLP Projector (Complete Kit Only)
  • 1920x1080 DLP Projector (Complete HD Kit Only)

Printer Specification

  • Stepper resolution of .005mm ( .020mm prints have been tested)
  • 25/50/100micron recommended layer heights
  • 60micron x/y resolution with Acer x1240
  • 40micron x/y resolution with Acer P1500
  • 60x40x100mm available build area (Acer x1240)
  • 72x40x100mm available build area (Acer P1500)
  • Tested with MakerJuice and MadeSolid resins
  • Ideal layer times 1000ms-5000ms


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fantasygraph wrote at 8/3/2014 9:30:47 PM:

@littleRp : there is a gift in your email ;)

LittleRP wrote at 8/2/2014 9:30:45 PM:

@bobc - Thanks for your concern, this will be addressed in the published campaign.

bobc wrote at 8/1/2014 10:09:22 PM:

Whatever the name, LittleRP is not Open Source. The cc-by-nc-sa license is not an Open Source license, they know this and in my opinion are essentially deliberately misleading people by calling it Open Source.

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