Aug. 4, 2014

Today a Florida-based tech-toy startup called Epic Box Company reveals a new interactive playspace that they plan to launch on Kickstarter - a Pirate Ship Adventure. They call their interactive playspaces a retro-fusion because they blend the vintage look of a corrugated playspace with modern technology.

The Epic Box Pirates Adventure is a durable cardboard playspace infused with an entertaining mobile app and Bluetooth electronics to create a fully immersive interactive experience. Children will become the new captain of this beautifully crafted and engineered pirate ship.

This product is much more than just a well-crafted playspace. Place any iPad or Android tablet into the holders on the ship's deck, download the free Pirates Adventure app and your child is introduced to a fantastical pirate world where they can go on a pirate adventure ride and hunt for treasure. The app will also communicate through Bluetooth LE technology with the electronics Add-Ons, to trigger the cannons to fire and to aim the front bow cannon to make the entire experience come alive.

An Epic Box Adventure also offers a chance for parents to engage in a fun activity with their child -- building the ship, assembling the optional Add-On kits (cannons and lanterns), and making extra props (from the free downloadable files) to customize and personalize their child's experience. It also includes open source STL files for 3D printing accessories. If you have a 3D printer, you will have a plethora of props and other pirate-y objects to print. In addition, the Arduino code will be made open source, so with a little ingenuity, there is no limit to what you can add to your child's interactive experience in their Epic Box.

As a child growing up in the 60s, Michael Ingrassia, President of Epic Box Company, still remembers vividly one of his most memorable toys. "I loved that cardboard submarine. After my father set it up for me one day, I spent every moment I could in that sub. It was so cool – it had working parts to help my imaginary journeys under water come alive. I don't know what happened to it, but would love to have another just to relive those fun times again." That Polaris submarine was purchased from an ad in the back of a comic book and can no longer be found. So, Michael, a 30 year commercial art veteran, whose expertise is at the forefront of digital and mobile media technologies, created Epic Box Company to help bring this beloved toy to the children of today. "I hope that kids and parents will enjoy our interactive playspaces and, hopefully, create the same types of memories that I have held with me for my entire life."

"The thing that gets me so excited about our new interactive playspaces is the value that they bring to a child's development", states Melody Brown, Epic Box Company's Technical Director. "Our goal is to spark the imagination because a healthy imagination is so important in building a child's social, emotional, language and thinking skills. We know that children are naturally drawn to iPads and other mobile tablets so we are using this technology as a bridge to engage the children in roleplaying in our Epic Box adventures. The electronic Add-Ons help to make this imaginary world more engaging and real, enhancing the experience of their role play."

Dimensions: ship (53"L x 26"W x 47"H), cockpit (14.5"W, with up to 30"L leg room)
App is compatible with any iPad or Android tablet.
The Bluetooth LE connection from the app with the electronic add-on kit will work with iPad3+ and Android 4.3+ tablets.

The Pirates Adventure will be launching soon on Kickstarter. There will be a limited quantity of Super Early Bird specials available. To get in on the deals, sign up on the Epic Box Company website for notices.


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