Aug. 4, 2014

The Met Museum's MediaLab explores ways that new technology can affect the museum experience for their staff and visitors. The rise of digital tools such as GarageBand, iMovie, 123D Catch, MeshMixer, Max/MSP allows everyone to become a 'maker'. In order to inspire more people to get involoved to make things, Met Museum has posted an educational booklet about fundamental 3D printing processes, 3D Printing Booklet for Beginners online to help the Met's staff and visitors to better understand how to reproduce artwork using 3D scanning and printing.

Created by Met MediaLab intern Decho Pitukcharoen, the booklet was designed to "build on the MediaLab's practice of helping audiences use 3D models of objects in the Met's collection for their own creative purposes."

There are three main chapters in this booklet: Scanning, Modeling, and Printing, as well as some examples of how to create a new art project inspired by reproduction art. Pitukcharoen used the 3D printers in the Met's Media Lab to learn all the processes, and sees a connection between 3D printing and art.

In this booklet, Pitukcharoen first explained how to find a right artwork available for photography and how a proper pictures. Then it walks you through how to turn a series of 2D photographs into a 3D digital model using 123D CATCH and fixing models, combining them with other models, and preparing the models for printing using TINKERCAD.

The booklet uses simple graphics and images to explain the multistep process, making it easy for people of all ages, regardless of technical background to learn about how 3D printing works.

Chess pieces made from objects found in the Departments of Asian Art and Greek and Roman Art

3D model of a horse figure from the Asian Art galleries, stretched horizontally for perspective effect

"This sculptures is possible to see in the gallery, but now this scrupture is reproduced and can be seen in a different places at the same time." - John Berger, Ways of seeing, 1972 Penguin book.

You can find a pdf of 3D Printing Booklet for Beginners on Met Museum's website.

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Jacobian wrote at 8/4/2014 6:13:04 PM:

Caveat: the method described in the booklet requires to use the Autodesk 123D Catch service to convert the pictures to a 3D model. => the user uploads the data to a third-party server instead of converting il locally on his PC. => not an option for model data that you _don't_ want to share with Autodesk etc.

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