Aug. 4, 2014

A team of architects & designers who explore and develop possibilities of 3D printing technology wants to use the new technology to help birds.

This 3D printing community, called 'Printednest' launches a design project aiming to bring birds back to city with 3D printed bird feeders. Rahim Petruska, a team member of Printednest, explains the philosophy behind Printednest is 'to show people, how 3D printing can realize any idea, creativity, and connect different professions together.'

The standard bird feeders design is based on nature: the main body of the bird feeder is an egg shaped nest and then the 'perch' is based upon a deer's antlers. All parts are connected by click system. You can attach this bird feeder with 2 sided adhesive dual lock tape on your window.

The project is open source, users can download the designs of the Bird feeder on Thingiverse, 3dfilemarket and Shapeways, 3D print them and then register it on printednests global community. You can customize your Bird feeder with an online tool, by choosing different colors and geometry, and you can also add your unique message where label is. If you don't have a printer, you can order the design and the team will 3D print it and mail to your address.

Printednest team encourages you to print the design using PLA material - organic based and biodegradable plastic. To speed up process of evolution, the team is printing the bird feeders at lowest resolution possible. That's why surface has its imperfections and make each product unique.

In addition, the people behind Printednest hopes that the users who make a nest will register it on printednests global community, to create a map of 3D printed bird feeders worldwide. The Printednest community has currently 37 bird feeders in 24 cities in 7 countries and they are expanding. 'Feeding birds has never been easier,' notes the Printednest team. This is a great project to make life easier for birds and to bring nature back to our society by encouraging more people to think about our environment.

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