Aug. 19, 2014

When leading 3D Printer manufacturer Ultimaker teams up with design studio XYZ Workshop, the result is a revolutionary 3D printable Fashion Suite. Today XYZ Workshop announced the release of the Fashion Suite, which is available on YouMagine for free download.

The Fashion Suite consists of 3D printable inBloom Dress, Flexible Watches, Women's Clutches and Men's Wallets, with more free fashion items to be added in the future.

The inBloom Dress was developed out of the desire to push the capabilities of what could be printed on an Ultimaker 3D printer using Flexible PLA filament. The dress stole the show at the 3D Printshow in New York last February when it was presented to the public for the first time.

At its debut in New York the inBloom Dress was measured to be the longest 100% desktop 3D printed dress at approximately 213 cm long. The dress is made of 191 panels, took 450 hours to print and used 1.7 kg of 2.85 mm PLA Flexible, this is equivalent to approximately USD$103.50 worth of filament.

"I can see how 3D printing can change the fashion industry. It creates shorter lead times for a designer and gives them the freedom and flexibility to produce things in smaller quantities or even personalize a piece," says Ultimaker's CEO, Siert Wijnia. What makes this dress stand apart from other 3D printed fashion is that it actually looks delicate and lace like with qualities of movement. We can't wait to see how other people will push the limits with a desktop 3D printer, especially with the use of Flexible PLA."

The textile of the inBloom Dress is created from a primary mesh of a geometric floral motif with an accent motif of a bouquet of leaves and flowers. The inner skirt is layered, and the floral motif varies in transparency. The outer skirt consists of a knee-length piece over the front showing hints of the back layers beneath. The skirt becomes full length as it drapes towards the back, and it ends with an astonishing 193 cm long train.

Elena Low, co-founder of XYZ Workshop, is equally excited about the 3D printing possibilities: "We wanted to make a 100% desktop 3D printed piece to showcase that 3D printed fashion was not exclusive to large, expensive industrial 3D printers. The Fashion Suite, including the inBloom Dress is released as an open source package. In order for us as a community to advance 3D printable fashion, we believe we can help stimulate and encourage experimentation by publicly providing the design files."

Australian based XYZ Workshop, founded by Lim Kae Woei and Elena Low Lee Wei, won the top prize in the Wearable Fashion category of International 3D printing competition in Singapore last year. Their design features a series of solid and hollow spheres that echoes the traditional Chinese cheongsam. The final design is made up of 26 different sections and had taken the duo about 160 hours to print on an Ultimaker 3D printer.

Now they are making the digital files of their Fashion Suite available to the public to encourage more "makers" to play and push the boundaries of personal 3D Printing and 3D fashion. Interested people are encourage to get the files on YouMagine and print your own inBloom Dress or flexible watches or wallets.

Flexible Watch: For easy printing it is recommended that you print in two parts (band and watch face) and super glue together.


The Women's Clutches: The Women's Clutches were designed to make full use of the large printing plate of the Ultimaker 2. Recommended setting for your printer:
Temperature - 230°C
Infill - Minimum 50%
Speed- 10-15mm/s
Sliced at 1.5mm
Retraction - Off
Fan- Off
Masking tape on top of heated bed

Men's Wallets



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