Aug. 21, 2014

Mumbai-based technology company Divide By Zero is one of the first company to bring 3D printing to the Indian technology market. Their Accucraft i 250 3D printer is a user-friendly plug-and-play product that requires no complicated programming or assembly.

Swapnil Sansare, chief executive officer and founder of Divide By Zero, said, "We aspire to carve a niche for Accucraft in the technological circuit. It will prove to be an embodiment of a smart and efficient machine that creates simple products with profound techniques."

With a background experience of handling CNC machines at his father's sheet metal factory, Sansare developed his first very own 3D printer. The Accucraft i 250+ has a large 250mm x 250mm x 200mm (9.84in x 9.84in x 787in) build envelope, a print accuracy of 80 to 150 microns, less than 70db noise level, and is able to print with ABS, Nylon and PLA filament. It comes with removable build platform and specially designed printing base plate which allows you to easily adhere and remove any sticking materials. 4 point semi-automatic bed levelling takes less than a minute to set up, said the company, and this will reduce total machine setup time by 98%.

In addition the Accucraft I 250+ offers 6 months warranty for part replacement against any manufacturing defects, and one year of support via Freshdesk Ticketing system. the Accucraft I 250+ is priced at INR 138,000 (2,237 USD) + tax.

As a company Divide By Zero is always exploring for new vistas and creating new avenues for the application of 3D printing. Lately, the company has actualized a 3D printed air intake pipe for a racing car which will be used in a racing competition by VJTI students. With 3D printing the clients would not have to undergo the tedious, expensive and time consuming processes of traditional manufacturing. Instead, they got a 3D printed model within a few days only.

Most recently, Divide by Zero has achieved the remarkable feat of aiding in the surgery of a 4-year old girl in Puducherry, India. The young girl was suffering from craniosynostosis, but a complicated surgery was foreseen due to the unique shape of her skull. Most of the pre-operative planning in plastic surgery is two dimensional. With increased availability of sophisticated imaging technologies, doctors at JIPMER (Jawaharlaal institute of medical research visakhapatnam India) decided to use 3D printing technology to aid in the planning and detailing of the plastic surgery required. They contacted Divide by Zero and sent them the CT scan of the girl's head. Divide by Zero converted the CT scan and printed her skull on Accucraft-i250+ 3D printer.

"We performed a mock surgery on the skull. Now we are well aware of the intra operative difficulties and better equipped to deal with it." The doctors wrote in a case report. This will help them plan surgery well and there will be minimum risk while operating, as they already have a replica of her skull for reference.

"The application of 3D printing technology is perceptible in surgical fields." the paper states. "It has been used for preparing models based on imaging design to perform mock surgeries for complicated surgeries. It has also been used to prepare custom-made prosthesis and in dentistry to obtain quick and accurate dental models. The versatility, the materials and the technology for 3D is rapidly evolving. The cost of printing technology has also reduced drastically, making it affordable to many centers, at least for the complicated cases."

As 3D printing technologies improve and their costs decrease, this might not remain a unique case. In the near future, a wider range of medical applications for this technology might very well be realized.

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