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Ever wanted to 3d print your very own fully functional walking robot? If your answer is 'yes, obviously', then check out this cool robot made entirely of 3D printed parts made by Instructables user schu51. Both its futuristic exterior as well as its interior mechanics are all designed using Solidworks software, and this toy can be printed on various machines. All parts can be found in the Solidworks STL file and need to be printed separately before assembly. The result is a flashy-looking robot that can mechanically walk using bi-pedal movement. The design even took care to make sure the robot's arms move alongside it's body while moving.

While there are a few more detailed steps, anyone who's used a 3D printer a few times should be able to make this robot, which will stand about 20 inches tall. If that seems daunting, author schu51 advises people they can always scale all designs down to ⅓ scale. An option for this is included in the Solidworks STL file that contains the designs for all separate parts. Scaling it down will result in a robot of about 8 inches that should, according to schu51, remain absolutely fully functional.

There are just two things you should look out for, though the author carefully walks you through these steps in his guide. Firstly, and while it might seems self-evident to some: 'Make sure you mechanics are working and everything works properly before gluing and final assembly work!' This is a walking robot after all.

Secondly and lastly, just a practical matter. You'll need some 150 grit sandpaper to scuff the various parts, as this will allow the primer to adhere to the various parts more easily. Then it's recommended to coat all materials in Weld-On plastic welding solution with a brush. These steps will make your paint job far more durable.

Keeping these steps in mind, this is a fun and relatively easy 3D project for anyone looking try something new with their consumer 3D printer. And obviously, the orange colour used by schu51 isn't a necessity! You can find the step-by-step guide to making this walking robot here.


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