Sep 3, 2014

3D printed graphene batteries is coming. Graphene 3D Lab, a company developing advanced graphene-based materials for 3D printing, announced that it has filed a provisional application for their 3D printed battery technology to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Most industrial 3D printers on the market today print plastic or metal parts; the end result is a non-functional model of the actual usable part. Currently there is no present solution to 3D print entire operation-ready devices, such as batteries, sensors, or processing chips. Graphene 3D aims to disrupt the 3D printing industry.

Daniel Stolyarov, CEO of Graphene 3D commented, "The application filed by Graphene 3D has the potential to play an important role in achieving the ability to print electronic devices due to the necessity of providing a power source."

He continued, "A 3D printed battery can be incorporated into a 3D printed object during the building process. In addition, 3D printed batteries have several advantages over traditional batteries. Their shape, size and specifications can be freely adjusted to fit the particular design of the device. Our batteries are based on graphene and can potentially outperform conventional batteries."

Graphene 3D plans to perform live demonstrations of their 3D printed batteries technology.


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