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Urban cycling is blooming. The two-wheeled monsters are reclaiming city streets and that’s good news for the planet, for our own health and the bank account. Yet, every cyclist has his own style, habits and needs, while urban bikes can’t always meet them. We’re way passed that evolutionary stage when one-size-fits-all. So, that’s where 3D printing comes in.

We have collected these 26 practical life hacks for cyclists that will be so easy to digest because they’re all images! Thanks to these smart 3D printable designs (and products like FlyKly's smart wheel), your commute (and therefore your life) can be so much easier…


1. Carrying handle. No more awkward struggling on the stairs.

Designed by Pookas


2. Zap-strap bag hook and water bottle holder. Stop that life-endangering driving with one hand right now!

Designed by Renaud Defrancesco


3. Bottle holder. Though it looks like it's made of metal, it's actually nylon and (unexpectedly) perfect for water bottles.

Designed by greenengineer


4. Spoke beads. How can you say you ride in style if you don't have spoke beads?

Designed by Jonathan Monaghan


5. Stainless steel lugs. Only with these lugs on your bike you can officially refer to it as my precious.

Designed by vorwaertz


6. Rear-view handlebars. Don't compromise your style for safety. Have both!

Designed by New Zealand designer Annabelle Nichols


7. Bike bow tie. Seriously, nothing more eye-catching.

Designed by Tristan Hummel


8. Light mount. One of those simple, practical tricks that make a massive difference.

Designed by kdw


9. Bottle fender. Just another classy way to recycle. Make that overpriced bottle of water work for you.

Designed by Pookas


10. Pebble watch bike mount. No more one-hand-driving or pocket digging on the road. Hello, world.

Designed by Phil Wiloughby


11. Planter. This one goes to all the chic ladies on the road. Take your flowers for a ride...

Designed by wearableplanter


12. Friction shifter. Stay in better control.

Designed by Rich Olson


13. Valve caps. If you have trouble choosing, you'll have a lot of trouble with 3D-printed valve caps. There are tons of clever designs!

Chomp head valve caps designed by prathos

Blowfish valve caps designed by prathos

Designed by Pookas


14. Bottle courier. Everyone knows what's that clanking sound coming out of your backpack, anyways...

Designed by smaddox3


15. Bike rack. Meet Clug, the awesome, cozy hug for your bike.

Designed by Clug


16. Bike headbadge. Give your bike an authentic look. Just because you can.

Designed by yourhandsmyface


17. Chain catcher. Why not keep your hands clean?

Designed by scottamayson


18. Quick pick wallet. If you're a real cyclist, you know that awful feeling when you realize that your keys and debit cards are still sitting on the table, at home, while you're queuing for coffee miles away. (nervous sweating guaranteed)

Designed by marius_p


19. Road popper. No one is going to throw a party without you present, promise.

Designed by chromoly


20. Bike stamps. When you worry that you won't find your way back, or planning to have just one drink.

Designed by Nalio


21. All kinds of bike mounts. Do you go by the name of Mr. Gadget? That's okay, there's a mount for everything.

Bicycle mount designed by BruininkP

Samsung sun shield bicycle clip designed by James Rowlands

Universal aerobar watch mount designed by David Hotard

Garmin support designed by GioPiantoni


22. DIY Ride & Rock bike stereo system. The ultimate disco on wheels. You are welcome.

More on this here


23. Trouser clamp. Let it rain, let it rain, everything's under control.

Designed by BernHardM


24. Zap-strap bell. Don't go unnoticed, even if you can.

Designed by Renaud Defrancesco


25. Bike frame. You already have a pretty-well-functioning bike frame, but this is just ultimate swag.

Designed by James Novak


26. Cup holder. If you're just an occasional rider, this is for you. Go off the road, though. Or get hissed at.

Designed by tomorrowlab

Have a better idea how to make urban cyclists' lives easier? Enter the 3D Printed Bicycle Accessories Challenge to win amazing prizes.


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Ted wrote at 8/16/2015 5:44:29 PM:

Where I can find 3D models of these stuff?

Tony Indite wrote at 9/12/2014 10:35:01 AM:

I need that bowtie! So funny. Going to print it at I guess. Better service than the dutch Shapeways.

Margaret wrote at 9/10/2014 11:29:30 AM:

That beer holder! Haha. Great compilation of ideas, Juste. I got my own quick pick wallet design from shapeways and used the PRO series of 3D2print ABS. Until now, I still use it on our road trip!

Cristina wrote at 9/10/2014 8:26:04 AM:


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