Sep 23, 2014

Earlier this month, MakerBot announced that Bre Pettis would be stepping down as CEO. Now the company has finally announced what he has been working on: the formation of Bold Machines. The Bold Machines is the Innovation workshop at Stratasys that partners with innovators to showcase Stratasys, MakerBot, and Solidscape 3D Printers. Currently Bold Machines is looking for individuals, businesses, and brands to collaborate to design cool 3D prints.

One of Bold Machines' first projects is Margo. Margo is an inspiring character that will star in a full-length animated feature. She is a smart young detective whose parents have gone missing on a space exploration mission, is the central character of a fully 3D printed storyline created by Bold Machines co-founders Bre Pettis and Robert Steiner, with the help of Anthony Willie. The team brought in the incredible talent of artist Jose Alves da Silva to collaborate on creating the Margo character and supporting players.

Margo is a smart young detective. Her parents have gone missing on a space exploration mission. She receives a cryptic message and a key that leads her to discover her parents secret laboratory under the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a cutting edge laboratory full of contraptions, robots, and a jet pack for her dog. She's going to need all the advanced tech she can get because she's also just uncovered a sinister plot schemed up by a local business mogul, Mr. Walthersnap, who turns out to be a bad guy.

The team is launching the concept today, and you can download the character on Thingiverse and 3D print in any format on any 3D printers.

"Our mission is to explore the frontier of 3D printing and partner with innovators to showcase Stratasys, MakerBot, and Solidscape 3D printers," said Pettis. "We are still at the beginning of the next industrial revolution and I want to push it along by collaborating and creating inspiring projects that will break into new industries."

Bold Machines plans on introducing a new character from the Margo movie and story released via Thingiverse every Monday, and share developments as it explores the frontier of movie making with 3D printed character.

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Domes wrote at 10/23/2014 9:39:37 AM:

How to color the clothes? hand made or printed?

Domes wrote at 10/22/2014 7:08:52 PM:

Very nice ... bot how to color the miniatures? Hand made or what? I've seen a German company to create a miniature of yourself with about 150 pictures. But how do they color clothes, skin, hair..etc?

andychn wrote at 10/2/2014 7:21:56 PM:

WAIT A MINUTE!!! The REAL story here is not actually about "Bold Machines" at all!! It's that Pettis is NOT at Stratasys as reported when he was replaced as CEO by Lawton!

manko wrote at 9/25/2014 4:11:38 AM:

Bringing 3d printing to Al-Queda near you.

Perry Engel wrote at 9/23/2014 6:10:06 PM:

To the actual content, it looks like a good way to give some folks a inkling of some creative applications for the technology. I have been using (FDM) to make puppets, This might inspire some to use the tool of 3d printing for other creative ventures.

Osamas Half Brother wrote at 9/23/2014 4:52:19 PM:

I like how all the photos show only the Rep2 and not the Gen5 which doesnt work for crap. With Bre's track record it would be interesting to see who goes in partners with him. Some souless person I'm sure.

JustAnotherOne wrote at 9/23/2014 1:41:57 PM:

Hmm a Bre Pettis movie with a business mogul as a villain...let me guess his evil plan is to push out his cofounders, make false promises to his customers and deliver overpriced, untested and subpar machines.

Bearded Bre wrote at 9/23/2014 1:22:31 PM:

Bre Pettis sporting a beard! It makes him look so honest - just like a real open-source sort of guy - nah! only kidding.

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