Sep 23, 2014

Graphene 3D Lab announced on Monday a joint venture with Stony Brook University in quality control testing of 3D printing materials enhanced with graphene and other advanced materials.

In accordance with this one-year agreement, Graphene 3D will pay a total $137,713 to the Research Foundation for SUNY. In exchange, researchers at the Stony Brook Center for Advanced Sensor Technology ("Sensor CAT") will test performance and quality control parameters of 3D printer filaments provided by Graphene 3D, both mechanical and functional properties will be considered during testing.

Dr. Oleksander Savsunenko, who earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Toulouse, is to be appointed as the director of this project. The collaboration is expected to report on the optimal printing conditions for graphene-enhanced 3D printing materials.

"Sensor CAT's testing of Graphene 3D materials will ensure an impartial review of the materials functional attributes by project personnel," said Daniel Stolyarov, Graphene 3D's CEO. "This joint venture also allows Graphene 3D to access Stony Brook University's world-class facilities and personnel, thereby shortening the development time of our materials and reducing overall R&D costs."

Dr. Peter Shkolnikov, Deputy Director of Sensor CAT, added "Under supervision of Sensor CAT, students at Stony Brook University will have the opportunity to work on this joint venture alongside Graphene 3D, and potentially continue that relationship upon graduation."

Further, Graphene 3D will establish a Scientific Advisory Board, which will be joined by Prof. Mikhail Gouzman. Prof. Gouzman is a widely recognized expert in 3D printing. He manages several laboratories at Sensor CAT and is a co-founder of Graphene 3D.

The Sensor CAT at Stony Brook University is one of fifteen (15) currently designated Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT) designed to spur technology-based applied research and economic development in New York.

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